4 Compelling Reasons to Use a Business Storage Facility

4 Compelling Reasons to Use a Business Storage Facility

We all understand the significance of staying organised at work. Organisation is the key ingredient for performance improvement in business and at the workplace. However, it becomes challenging to figure out where to start when you want to organise your office space. An easy way to start with your organisation strategy is to begin by decluttering your workspace and utilising a business storage unit.

Whether you are a digital marketing firm, a retail business, or someone running a small office, business storage can help you store extra business inventory and supplies, archive important documents, and free up office space. Here are some reasons why you might need business storage for rent in Singapore.

Offline campaigns and events are managed by digital marketers

The marketing profession is all about driving initiatives, campaigns, and events. If you are a digital marketer and are expanding your business, you may reach a point in your business lifecycle when your office space may not be able to store huge marketing items. Merchandise, standees, and booth structures start consuming a lot of space once accumulated. The transportation and logistics management of such items also cause lots of stress for marketers on the event day.

Business storage with Work+Store is the solution to storing your marketing material. You may seek help from our logistics company to help with your everything from item packing, moving, and collection. Work+Store storage hubs not only provide flexible storage spaces but also perform fulfilment duties for on-demand, in-time item deliveries.

Executives are running out of space for offices

As a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, you may be struggling with extra office equipment and piles of documents that take up a lot of office space. Recent years have seen the fast growth of business digitalization in Singapore. However, there is a strong possibility that your company may have accumulated heaps of office supplies and documents in the past.

If you think your office has reached a saturation point for storage, where all shelves and cabinets are already filled and new things are still coming in, it will be the right time for you to think about business storage. There are ways to organise your office, reduce its clutter, and maximise your office space. 

Work+Store business storage will safely keep your archived documents and office supplies, and you can access them 24/7 at the various island-wide facilities. This will allow you to free up some office space to enjoy more space at work and peace of mind as well.

Retail business inventory

If you have decided to ride the wave of e-commerce or own an SME business, you may also need a business storage service. At times, you may need extra space to store your retail goods, like bulky pieces of furniture, electrical appliances, or apparel. Based on your sales cycle duration and turnover rate, you will require storage sites to collect goods and deliver them to your customers.

At such times, choosing a storage facility near your place can save you precious time spent on retrieving items. You just have to visit the Work+Store facility and access your business storage unit. The business units are available in a range of sizes as per your storage requirements. They are accessible 24/7 in a clean and protected environment with CCTV surveillance.

You can even utilise our comprehensive fulfilment services, including warehouse management and last-mile delivery.

business storage service

SMEs looking for small warehouses

A growing business is always welcome. It is accompanied by the expansion of operations and services, and with that comes the need for more office and storage space. Renting an additional office space will incur added costs. So, why not rent a business storage unit for your warehousing needs?

Business storage units are not just meant for small volume needs. Work+Store also offers large-sized business units up to 399 sq ft, with or without mezzanine levels depending on the location. If your business volume is increasing, you will need extra storage space to store your merchandise. In such cases, you can opt for bigger business storage units with highly flexible rental terms.

You can use these units as a small warehouse for your stocks and inventories. For example, retail businesses or online bookselling businesses can rely on business storage for warehouse needs. Storing your important items in these units can be more safe and secure than putting them all in your office or workspace.

Concluding Thoughts

Business storage with Work+Store offers customised storage services for your various storage needs. You now don’t need to spend huge capital on your office space extensions or to buy a new commercial storage rental for your business when you need temporary storage space in Singapore. It is wiser to opt for a flexible and cost-efficient business storage solution in Singapore, where you have the facility to upscale or downscale as per your requirements.

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