4 Things To Consider When Renting A Warehouse

4 Things To Consider When Renting A Warehouse

4 Things To Consider When Renting A Warehouse

Running a business is no mean feat. There are various challenges business owners must navigate. Chief among these challenges is managing your stock. And as your business continues to expand, you will eventually require more space to store your goods. The solution to this conundrum? Warehouse storage rental!

There is no denying that a warehouse provides expansive storage space, allowing business owners to store a wide variety of products. The problem is locating a suitable warehouse that fits your business needs. Suppose this is your first time looking for storage space for your business. In this case, we are glad to help you by sharing the vital factors to consider when renting a warehouse in Singapore.

Factor #1: Size of the warehouse

Warehouse storage rental size of the warehouse

Naturally, the first thing to consider is the storage space available. After all, the size of the warehouse will affect how much stock you can store in it. But it is not just about factoring in the square footage of the warehouse but also how you plan on storing and accessing your stock.

For example, if you plan on stacking your goods on top of each other to utilise the vertical space to the fullest, you should ensure that you have sufficient space to install plastic or metal shelves within your warehouse storage rental. You will also require a stepladder to access stocks that are out of your arm’s reach. So ensure you have enough room to navigate the area to avoid toppling and damaging your products.

Factor #2: The type of storage

The last thing you want is for your stock to become damaged or spoiled during storage. After all, this is part of the reason why you are placing your products in a warehouse – to ensure optimal protection. However, depending on the items you are storing, your goods may be impacted by the hot and humid weather in Singapore.

So it is vital to ask yourself the following questions before considering your warehouse storage rental. Are you storing any perishable items? Will your products melt if the weather is too warm? If the environment is too damp, would your stock be impacted?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should look out for a warehouse with air-conditioning units. This feature ensures your products remain cool and dry whether the weather in Singapore is rain or shine. The air-conditioning units also help to keep humidity levels low, minimising the risk of mould and mildew forming on your stock.

Factor #3: Security

Warehouse storage rental security

Singapore may boast one of the lowest crime rates globally, but low crime does not mean there is no crime! Therefore, the safety of your goods should be an utmost priority. Make sure your warehouse storage rental offers 24/7 CCTV surveillance and high-level security to deter criminals from breaking into the property and pilfering your products.

Factor #4: Accessibility of the warehouse

There is a reason why people always mention location, location, and location when assessing a property. This logic applies to your warehouse storage rental in Singapore too! You will undoubtedly want your warehouse to be located near your business or home (if you are operating an e-commerce business remotely) to make it easier for you to resupply.

Additionally, depending on your mode of transportation, you should consider whether there is public transportation or accessible parking nearby so that it is convenient for you to get to your rented warehouse.

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It is not just about locating a cheap warehouse to rent. There are also numerous other aspects to consider. We hope our article has illustrated these factors clearly, allowing you to select the most suitable warehouse for your needs. Remember! The storage space you choose should be conveniently located near you, equipped with the necessary amenities to support your business operations, and have sufficient room to house all your products.

Thankfully, you will find that our business storage units fulfil these criteria and more! So if you are looking for a warehouse rental near you, look no further than Work+Store. Do not hesitate to contact us today to inquire about our prices.

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