5 Benefits Of Work+Store’s Warehouse Storage Rental

5 Benefits Of Work+Store’s Warehouse Storage Rental

5 Benefits Of Work Stores Warehouse Storage Rental

Having adequate space for your business operations, production, and fulfilment is fundamental for your organisation’s success. But between inventory storage, your crucial business equipment, and your employees’ workstations, there never seems to be sufficient office space for all your business needs. 

So when a business expands, many entrepreneurs opt to relocate to a larger workplace. However, the expenses of moving to a larger space can sometimes sink a small business. Conversely, enterprises that do not expand their workspace face plenty of clutter around the office. 

What if there is an affordable solution to this dilemma that allows you to have the best of both worlds? The answer lies in Work+Store’s on-demand warehouse storage. Read on to learn how our warehouse storage rental can benefit your business!

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Benefit #1: Reduce clutter

Reduce clutter-Warehouse storage Singapore

Your office is a business space, not a storage space. When you use your workplace as a makeshift warehouse, you are inadvertently affecting your employees’ productivity. Your team will be hard-pressed to concentrate with all the clutter lying around. 

Our warehouse storage solutions provide the extra space you crave to keep the office and warehouse sides separate. With a distinct location for all of your inventory and another for business operations, you can revert your office to what it is best for – a place for ideas to thrive and your business to grow.

Benefit #2: A place for seasonal stock

If you own a retail business, you will be familiar with dealing with excess stock from a big sale or seasonal promotion. These seasonal stocks can temporarily expand your storage needs, causing you to run out of space for all of your inventory. In such situations, you can consider Work+Store’s warehouse storage rental to stow these special items in the off-season so that they do not affect your regular storage needs. 

Benefit #3: Warehouse fulfilment

Warehouse fulfilment-Warehouse management

It is easy to find yourself overwhelmed when your stock volume increases and the last-mile fulfilment goes beyond your team’s capability. When this happens, errors and late deliveries are likelier to occur, thus impacting your business’s reputation. The good news is that we provide fulfilment services in addition to warehouse storage.

At Work+Store, we can help receive, pick, and pack your products for self-collection or last-mile fulfilment pickup! With our warehouse management services, you can streamline your logistic management and consolidate everything under one roof with dedicated manpower.

Benefit #4: Flexibility

It may not always be obvious how much storage space you require when your business expands. Fortunately, with our warehouse storage rental, you can adjust the storage space to match your business needs. If the growth continues and you require more storage space, you can upgrade to a larger unit once your current lease terms end. 

Conversely, if you need to scale back, thus requiring less space, you can make the switch too. What we offer is a low-commitment space that scales with your business needs. As such, you can rest easy knowing that you only pay for what you use – no more, no less.

Benefit #5: Affordable way to expand your business reach

Affordable way to expand your business reach-Warehouse storage Singapore

As your business starts to grow, it can be tempting to expand quickly to bolster your business reach. However, without adequate financial planning, the expenses associated with the rapid business expansion can sink a small business. So rather than make the high-risk move of purchasing a new facility, you can grow at your own pace with our warehouse storage solutions! 

When you utilise our storage services, you only need to pay a small monthly fee to enjoy extra storage space. Hence, allowing you to expand without breaking the bank. And unlike a traditional warehouse where you will have the added headache of upkeeping the place, everything is taken care of for you at Work+Store.

As you can see, your business will benefit significantly from our warehouse storage rental services! So if you are currently seeking warehouse rental near you, look no further than Work+Store. Do not hesitate to contact us today to enquire about our rates and obtain a quote.

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