5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Rent Temporary Storage

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Rent Temporary Storage

Small Businesses Should Rent Temporary Storage

If your company is growing and needs equipment storage, then renting a temporary storage space is a perfect solution for you. While others may think that getting a storage unit for rent is an additional expense, here are some of the benefits of flexible storage services you should consider renting for your company:

Seamless and convenient

Flexi storage services offer much convenience to business owners, making the task of storing and moving things a lot easier. You can simply move, store, and retrieve your items over a phone call. You do not need to purchase separate boxes for packaging or hire an external mover. Work+Store’s Flexi Space service provides durable packaging boxes that are delivered to your doorstep along with their very own mover truck to complete the entire storage experience seamlessly. Once you’ve packed your items, the boxes are collected from your location and stored in the temporary storage facility. All your belongings are handled with utmost care in a storage facility.

Unmatched flexibility

Flexible storage units allow you to pay only for the size of space you need to store your items. In fact, Work+Store’s Flexi Space starts from just $99 per month. The service provides you a flexible lease term, depending on the duration you require for a temporary storage space. You can rent such spaces for as long (or short) as you need. These solutions are useful particularly in times of business expansion and office renovation or makeovers, where you would require extra storage space to house your bulky furniture amid the move.  

Guaranteed safety and security

The most significant benefit of renting a space at a temporary storage facility is the safety and security it can provide for your furniture, equipment and other items. The storage units in Singapore are well-equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras and 24/7 security personnel – making them much safer than your office and home.  Rest assured that you will receive your items in the same condition as you have packed them in.

Temporary storage units are cost-effective

Growth and expansion of your business comes with the need for more office space. Taking a small warehouse space for rent to store less used or unused office items is more affordable and cost-effective than renting a bigger office space. 

In the post-pandemic era, many companies have shifted to work-from-home arrangements. In such a scenario, the best solution would be taking a storage space for rent in Singapore and storing all your office items – both essential and non-essential – in it until your office becomes operational again.

More space to work

Having a warehouse for rent in Singapore can be extremely useful for you. Once you declutter your office space and move your unused printers, old furniture and other items to a storage facility, more space is created in your office. This extra space is especially helpful in this post-pandemic period as it helps your employees practice social distancing and take all the necessary precautions properly.

If you are planning to renovate or relocate your office, flexible storage spaces can be very useful as you can temporarily store your items during the move. Work+Store’s hassle-free Flexi Space service is best in this field. If you are a small business owner, using such a temporary storage solution can make your life much easier.

Storing your equipment like printers, copier machines and other bulky items in a storage capacity also helps in giving your office a clean and tidy look. This will, in turn, create a positive and energetic environment for your employees to be more productive, and also leaves a great impression on your clients and visitors too.

All in all, having a flexible storage space is very helpful for small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs alike. Extra storage spaces are great in improving your business operations – particularly during expansion or renovation. You no longer need to worry about the safety of your equipment. Simply consolidate your items, pack them in Work+Store’s durable boxes and have them transported to a storage space of a suitable size. Work+Store provides the best flexible storage space in Singapore. Connect with us today to book the service for your company.

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