5 Things To Look For In A Logistics Partner For E-commerce Businesses

5 Things To Look For In A Logistics Partner For E-commerce Businesses

5 things to look for in a logistics partner for e-commerce businesses

When we talk about e-commerce services, logistics play an important role in ensuring that the business satisfies the consumers. Although most parts of the transactions (placing the order, payment etc.) happen electronically, physical products need to be shipped to a given place of delivery using conventional transport means. If you get a storage unit for rent at a reasonable budget, you can definitely think of paying for a partnership with a responsible logistics group.

Most of us know that in an e-commerce environment, third-party logistics (3PL) are entrusted with the logistics design, delivery, storage and shipping in a supply chain. The relationships between the 3PL and supply chain members are more dependent on the logistic strategies. It starts only when the 3PL reengineers its logistics business process to accommodate the entrepreneur (business group) so as to maximize the value for its customer. To become a successful e-commerce business, one must consider five aspects for a logistics partner.

  1. Coverage of areas: Singapore is one of the busiest and economically-developed countries in Southeast Asia. Most of the areas are well-connected and have an excellent transportation system. In order to reach people across the region, the business demands an efficient and smart logistics partner who can supply the orders in residential and commercial areas equally. Furthermore, even if the business group does not have strategically located warehouse spaces, the logistics team should be able to pick up and deliver the products on time.‍
  2. Versatility in dealing with consumers: The payment facilities should be different for various kinds of customers. The mode of payment (cash on delivery or card) should be consumer-friendly. The consumers may choose as they wish. Also, the provision of exchange or pick-up of returnable products should be available. Do ensure that the logistics partner can deal with consumers without causing them any trouble. 
  3. Ease in tracking orders: Tracking orders and deliveries are important for consumers. With intelligent logistics systems and intuitive partners, one may make this facility available to their customers on different platforms. Hence, consumers can easily track their orders when being shipped to their respective addresses. 
  4. Minimal time for delivery of goods: These days, many consumers demand for the products on the same day, or the next day of placing their orders. This can be made possible only with the help of a responsible and speedy logistics system. If the delivery timings are properly scheduled and the team is disciplined enough to stick to the pre-arranged time, the products are sure to reach the destination on time. This is possible only when you are associated with an efficient logistics department and if the products are easily loaded from a warehouse in close vicinity to the transportation centre.
  5. Reasonable charges of shipment: To make sizeable profits and promote your brand in business, you cannot afford to waste your money in expensive intra-city shipments. Also, one must have the margin to bear the unprecedented loss due to damage of any product, or unavoidable delay in delivery of goods. It will better if you can make the deal with the logistics company at reasonable charges of transportation at initial stages.

At the beginning of a partnership, these are a few points that one must keep in mind. Before deciding on the best logistics for supporting your e-commerce business, prioritise your requirements, customers, strengths and opportunities. There are many other considerations that can come into play as further discussions take place. Prepare yourself before you launch your business and find out the best logistics option you can bank upon.

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