5 Tips To Create Your Ideal Work-From-Home Workstation

5 Tips To Create Your Ideal Work-From-Home Workstation

5 Tips To Create Your Ideal Work-From-Home Workstation

Do you delight in working from home? We do too! What is not to like about the flexibility and convenience associated with a hybrid working model? In fact, various companies in Singapore have indicated their desire to maintain a hybrid work arrangement for the good of their employees’ well-being.

However, your work-from-home setup is essential to maximising your work efficiency. A dedicated, organised workstation can help you mentally prepare and focus on your work, aiding you in maintaining a harmonious work/life balance. So how can you go about achieving this? Read on to learn how to create your ideal workspace.

Tip #1: Create space for your work-from-home setup

Create space for your work-from-home setup

It can be tricky to create a dedicated work-from-home setup given the limited space available in modern HDB flats. So how can you go about decluttering your living space to make room for your workstation? The answer lies in self-storage!

Visual clutter can be a big distraction, drawing your attention away from what you should be focusing on – your work. Renting a storage unit to eliminate the mess goes a long way in creating a spacious and efficient workstation for you to work in peace.

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Tip #2: Get organised 

A well-organised work desk bears the hallmark of an effective workstation. So do not hesitate to invest in effective shelving units to contain your knick-knacks and avoid overcrowding your work desk. There are also plenty of cheap storage spaces available for rent to declutter your workspace.

Remember, when everything is disorganised, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and out of control, which is hardly an ideal mind frame to have when working on a crucial task.

Tip #3: Let the natural light in

Let the natural light in for your storage space

When selecting the ideal space for your workstation, choose an area with ample natural light. Not only does a well-lit environment make it easier for you to concentrate on your work, but regular exposure to sunlight triggers the release of serotonin, which helps boost your mood and focus levels. If this is not possible, ensure you have proper artificial lighting to avoid straining your eyes in a dim environment while working.

Tip #4: Soundproof your home office

Nothing disrupts your concentration quite like the loud construction noises emanating from your neighbour’s home renovation. Trust us; we know that feeling all too well. In this situation, soundproofing your home office may be the solution you seek!

This is also useful for individuals who need to attend frequent work calls. After all, you cannot have your kids disrupting a crucial conference call with the noise generated from their play sessions. 

Tip #5: Ensure your office supplies are within reach

Ensure your office supplies are within reach storage space

Do you find it disruptive to search for a piece of stationery you need while in the midst of your work? In that case, we recommend keeping your essential office supplies, like the printer, printing paper, documents, and stationery, within reach of your workstation. You can invest in a stationery and document storage box to keep your work desk organised.

Your workstation can get messy quickly, especially when work gets hectic. During these moments, you will appreciate having storage space to stow your precious possessions and maintain a tidy home office.

If you seek storage space rental, look no further than Work+Store! With flexible lease terms and 24/7 access, you will find decluttering your home to be a hassle-free experience. Do not hesitate to contact us today to enquire about our unit availability and rental prices

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