5 Ways Temporary Storage Units Can Benefit You As A Foreigner

5 Ways Temporary Storage Units Can Benefit You As A Foreigner

5 Ways Temporary Storage Units Can Benefit You As A Foreigner

Self storage units are extremely useful to families who have too many things at home and would like to declutter their space to create a better living environment, or for those looking for renovation storage during home improvement projects. But besides serving local families as an additional storage space, self storage units can also benefit foreigners living here. If you’re an international student or an expatriate here, this article will share how temporary storage units will be helpful for you. 

1. Store Your Items Temporarily While You’re Away

As a foreigner residing in Singapore, there will be times when you may need to travel home for a few days or even for months to visit or while you wait for a new opportunity here. During this time, moving all your belongings back to your home country can be troublesome and time-consuming, and maybe even a waste of time and effort if you’ll eventually have to transport them back to Singapore. From personal belongings and work- or school-related items to extra pieces of furniture, a storage unit can hold everything you have. It is also very helpful if your lease is up and you need to vacate the space.

Here’s what Amber Wang, a Work+Store tenant, has to say about the service: “It is a very happy thing to be able to go back to my hometown, but it is really a headache to move all my personal belongings back to my hometown. I will have to rent a room to store these items when I get back to my home. With Work+Store, moving is not so stressful.” 

2. Keep Your Belongings Safe And Secure

As a foreigner, the chances of having a trustworthy person look after your belongings for you in Singapore while you’re away is quite slim. Although it is generally quite safe here, it is still important to keep your items secure. Self storage units are very safe, with 24-hour security and advanced systems in place to ensure protection against theft of vandalism. You can leave your items in the facility with peace of mind while you travel back home. 

3. Declutter To Ensure Enough Living Space

Much like what short-term storage units do for Singaporeans, you can utilise these storage spaces to declutter your home too. Most apartments and flats in Singapore are tiny and space limitations become more of an issue if you’re only renting a single room out of an entire unit. In such cases, you may not be able to keep many items with you due to the lack of space. This is when self storage units come in handy to help you free up more living space for an improved living environment. It has also benefited Amber, who has “also worked in Singapore for many years” and “has accumulated a lot of belongings which are too much” for her rented room here.

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decluttering temporary storage during relocation

4. Reduce The Stress of Relocation or Moving

If you’re in the midst of relocating back home or to a different country, there could possibly be a large amount of items you need to transport overseas. However, not all of these items can be moved in a single trip. The less important items can be kept in a short-term storage space in Singapore and retrieved another day. 

Even if you’re not relocating and you’re simply moving to another apartment in Singapore, self storage units can still be useful, especially if you’re downsizing to a smaller space. While you rearrange your home layout and get yourself settled, you can slowly introduce your belongings back into the space and reconfigure it as needed.

“With storage rental, I can travel to and fro without having to carry loads of clothes, and things that aren’t essential.” – Amber Wang

5. Flexible Storage Period and Terms

There are various facilities offering short-term storage options, where you get to utilise the space from as short as a few days. This is a much better arrangement for certain situations, as compared to being locked down by a permanent long-term storage facility. 

According to Amber, “renting a storage place really helped me solve a lot of troubles, I can save a lot of money, I don’t need to rent a room to store my items, and save the cost required to deliver these items back to my hometown.” 

Whether you’re an expatriate looking for a storage facility or a Singaporean sourcing for temporary storage during renovation, we have the solution for you. Work+Store provides some of the best storage solutions with flexible lease terms in Singapore. Find your solution here

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