5 Ways To Maximise Space In Your Compact Home

5 Ways To Maximise Space In Your Compact Home

5 Ways To Maximise Space In Your Compact Home

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your current home is smaller than your previous HDB flat? Well, it may not be an illusion! A study has shown that the average size of an HDB flat in Singapore has dipped slightly in recent years. So how can you maximise your living space and store all your precious belongings while maintaining a well-organised home environment? Read on to find out!

Tip #1: Utilise multi-functional storage furniture

Utilise multi-functional storage furniture

A home is incomplete without furniture. But when you are working with limited space, every piece of furniture in your home should serve a purpose. In fact, if you want to maximise your living space, you can consider multi-functional furniture pieces. For example, a bunk bed saves you the hassle of finding room for two mattresses in your children’s bedroom.  

Bonus points if the furniture provides storage compartments to stow additional knick-knacks around the house. An armchair that opens up to reveal storage is ideal for the living room, allowing you to keep seldom-used tableware underneath while functioning as an accent piece to complement your sofa.

Tip #2: Install floor-to-ceiling shelves

Install floor-to-ceiling storage shelves

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An excellent idea to expand your compact home is to think vertically for your storage needs. A popular trend among many Singaporeans is to install floor-to-ceiling shelves to keep the clutter at bay. You can even consider placing the shelves at the corners of the room to make your living space seem more open. 

Tip #3: Maximise space with dual-purpose rooms

Maximise space with dual-purpose rooms - storage space

The best way to maximise space in a compact home is to make your rooms multi-functional. It is simple and fuss-free, and all it takes is a little planning. In fact, you may already be doing this without realising it. 

For example, having your living room function as a dining room makes perfect sense since it is the most spacious room in the apartment. This makes it ideal to host a dinner gathering for friends and family. You can consider buying an extendable dining table so that you can add additional seating when you have guests over.

Tip #4: Go with a sliding door

Go with a sliding door - self-storage

Swinging doors are a common sight in many households in Singapore. However, you have to free up additional space in your bedroom so that you have no issue opening the hinged door, which ends up exacerbating the problem with a smaller room. Conversely, sliding doors are built into existing walls, providing additional walking room or storage space around the doorway!

Tip #5: Declutter your home with self-storage

Declutter your home with self-storage

Sometimes, you just have to let go of some belongings. But decluttering your home does not mean throwing away your precious possessions for good. So where can you safely store these items? The answer lies in self-storage. You no longer have to worry about finding the space to accommodate all your mementoes. Everything can be secured in a storage unit, which you can access 24/7.

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