6 Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a Self-Storage Space in Singapore

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a Self-Storage Space in Singapore

Selecting a Self-Storage Space in Singapore

Most people require extra storage space at some point of their life. They might need self-storage space either for short-term or long-term use However, there are certain components that you might overlook to prevent you from making optimal use of the storage space you rent. Here are some mistakes to avoid while choosing a proper self-storage in Singapore so that you may reap the most benefits from it:

Mistake 1: Selecting the Wrong Size of Self-Storage Unit

It is difficult for first-time renters to estimate the right size of self-storage unit they will require. While smaller units are less expensive, packing all items into a small space is never a smart idea. You may save money now, but there is a risk of damaging your belongings in the long term. Also, if you do not have a lot of things to keep, a larger unit is just a waste of money. To avoid these situations, prepare a list of everything you need to store, as well as the sizes of each item and then choose the best self-storage unit from the available options.

Selecting the Wrong Size of Self-Storage Unit

Mistake 2: Not Checking for Safety Precautions While Looking for a Storage Unit

When looking for a storage unit, you must check for safety measures. Even though the storage facility guarantees that your belongings are safe, it is better to inspect the storage unit yourself. Make sure that there are 24/7 CCTV surveillance and high-level security. Storage unit doors should either have digital locks or you should be allowed to use your padlocks. Also, no one should have access to your storage unit without your permission. You should not hesitate to express your safety concern to the storage facility owner as protection of your items is your priority.

Mistake 3: Not Knowing the Importance of Air-conditioned Option

Air-conditioned storage space in Singapore assists in keeping the temperature and humidity inside the unit within a certain range. However, these units will be more expensive than ordinary units because of the additional electricity consumption.

You should ideally use an air-conditioned storage unit for storing items such as leather furniture, electronic equipment, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, documents, or photographs to avoid weather-based damage like fluctuations in humidity and heat.

Mistake 4: Neglecting Insurance of Your Belongings

Another common error users make while storing their items in a self-storage facility is failing to insure their belongings. Most storage facilities are not responsible if any of your belongings are misplaced, damaged, or stolen. Customers are highly urged to insure their valuables before moving them to the self-storage unit to avoid such occurrences. Insurance companies provide affordable plans that cover losses due to theft or degradation. As a result, even in the worst circumstances, you would not have to be concerned about the state of your belongings.

Mistake 5: Not Cleaning before Storing 

Cleaning is an important element of preserving the condition of your possessions before storing them. Mold growth, undesirable germs, pest infestation, and quicker deterioration can all result from storing unclean objects. It might star with a single item and slowly spread to other items. Simply cleaning them dry and dust-free may make a significant impact.

Cleaning before Storing

Mistake 6: Using Newspaper to Wrap Your Possessions

Most individuals wrap their possessions in newspapers when packing them for storage, oblivious of the possible damage caused by the newspaper ink. Keep in mind that the ink may smear your goods, especially if you are using an unventilated unit. Although covering the objects in a newspaper appears to be a more cost-effective option, bubble wrap provides superior protection. You should wrap the most fragile items in bubble wrap as it provides necessary friction to keep the items in place and avoid any kind of damage. 


Hopefully, this article will help you select a suitable self-storage space carefully. Self-storage will not only assist you in taking care of your belongings but also help you in maintaining an organized unit for yourself. Paying extra for a storage unit does not always imply that you will receive superior service. However, renting a self-storage space in Singapore from a reputed storage service provider ensures safety of your items as well as high quality customer service. 

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