A Guide To Packing And Organising Your Self-Storage Unit

A Guide To Packing And Organising Your Self-Storage Unit

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Are you at a loss about what to do with all the clutter at home? In that case, you should rent a self-storage unit in Singapore and start decluttering your home! In fact, there are various benefits to tidying your house. And the great thing about self-storage is that it provides a flexible option to store your non-essential items – whether you require temporary or long-term storage.

However, this does not mean you should simply toss your stuff in the storage unit haphazardly. After all, what good is your storage unit if you cannot find the things you need when you require them? Therefore, you should always pack and organise your storage unit systematically. And we are happy to help in this matter. Let us share how you can organise your self-storage unit like a pro.

Tip #1: Create a list of your inventory

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If you plan on storing numerous items in your storage unit, it is going to be a challenge to keep track of everything. Sure! It is easy to identify your bulky furniture. But your smaller knick-knacks, like a photo album or old clothing, can get lost in the shuffle.

To ensure you keep everything straight, we recommend creating and maintaining a list of everything you have in your self-storage unit. You can jot your inventory down in a notebook or create a spreadsheet, whichever strikes your fancy. It is also a good idea to indicate where each belonging is located to make it easier for you to find the item.

Tip #2: Store items you need more regularly towards the front

Chances are, some items in your storage unit will be used more regularly than others. For example, you may require your winter clothing when you plan to travel overseas, whereas your spare mattress is unlikely to see the light of day for a while. To make it easier for you to access your belongings, you should place the items you frequently need in an easy-to-reach location near the door.

Tip #3: Label your items

label your items for self storage unit

You may think you can remember where you place your vintage vinyl records. But trust us, it is easy to let this slip from your mind, especially when they have been in storage for a while. Therefore, you should always label each box with printed labels or a permanent marker. This way, you save yourself the hassle of combing through multiple boxes whenever you need to locate an item in your storage unit.

Tip #4: Consider transparent storage boxes

transparent self storage box

Source Image: Advantage Storage

If you find it a hassle to label every box in your storage unit, why not save yourself time and effort by storing your items in clear plastic bins? While this storage option tends to be more expensive than cardboard boxes, we believe they are worth the investment. These plastic bins enable you to identify what is inside each container without having to open and dig through its content, making them another ideal method to locate what you need quickly.

Tip #5: Think vertically

man organizing self storage vertically

Source Image: Ecoy

You will want to maximise the storage space available in your self-storage unit. One way to achieve this is to think vertically. After all, you are not limited to the width of your storage unit. Boxes can be stacked high, and bulky furniture should be stored upright (if possible). This way, you will have more room to navigate the area.

You can consider installing freestanding shelving units to keep things organised and make it easier for you to access your items. Any item that does not fit within your storage boxes can be placed neatly on the shelf. We recommend keeping a step stool or foldable ladder inside the storage unit to make it easier for you to access the items in the upper compartments of your shelving units.

Maintaining a well-organised storage unit is no longer a complicated task with these simple yet effective tips. Now you can pack and organise your storage unit like a pro too!

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