Achieving Process Efficiency with Work+Store’s Warehouse Logistic Management Service

Achieving Process Efficiency with Work+Store’s Warehouse Logistic Management Service

Process Efficiency with Warehouse Logistic Management Service


Work+Store has now ventured into the field of Warehouse Logistic Management Services. Our experienced team helps small and medium-sized businesses or start-ups to focus on their core business functions and sales while we handle warehouse logistics. This comes as a boon to small businesses that face challenges when their stocks volume increases, and order numbers get overwhelming.

In such cases, these businesses need extra warehousing and fulfilment support when the last mile fulfilment goes beyond their small team’s capability. We offer warehouse management and human resources that take care of the complete warehouse logistics. One of our newest warehouse management service users is SG Wine Mart. 

Below we present SG Wine’s business journey and how they were able to successfully carry out their operations and manage their inventory.

SG Wine Mart Business Background

SG Wine Mart is a one-stop mart for excellent quality and exclusive-label wines at excellent value and highlighting wine produced by small-medium size wineries. The company offers special bulk discounts, limited period offers, and exclusive labels not available in supermarkets. SG Wine Mart focuses on providing its customers with a unique experience by exploring new wine flavours.

The company was searching for a new warehouse storage in Singapore where the storage provider could also manage their warehousing operations, packaging and dispatching of their products. They explored a few companies that offered storage solutions, order fulfilment, and found the perfect fit for all their requirements with Work+Store, which offers flexible solutions and logistics services.

warehouse storage in Singapore

Work+Store’s Warehouse Logistics Services

Work+Store offered to streamline the logistic management for SG Wine Mart with all warehousing operations provided under one roof with dedicated and trained personnel. We provide a range of services from receiving, picking and packing for self-collection to order fulfilment for small businesses in Singapore.

  • Shipment Receipt– Work+Store provides warehouse spaces in flexible sizes as per customer requirements where we receive shipments for various types of businesses and making sure the incoming stocks tallies.
  • Warehouse Management – Work+Store takes care of day-to-day warehouse operations like receiving and organizing stocks neatly to ensure work efficiency.
  • Order Processing: This includes receiving the incoming orders, having them printed for pick and pack. 
  • Order Packing– Work+Store’s warehouse logistics team then sorts and pack the items together, having them ready for collection.
  • Delivery Dispatch– Work+Store’s logistics management team then dispatches the order to the assigned courier for the orders as well as the customers who have opted for self-collection.

Work+Store’s warehouse logistics team

What made SG Wine Mart choose Work+Store?

“Essentially, as a start-up, we can concentrate on generating sales while warehouse management services are managed by the experienced team”.-Sueann Liow, SG Wine Mart

Strategic Location

SG Wine Mart zeroed in on Work+Store’s Warehouse Management services as we offer warehouse facilities in strategic locations making it easier for them to dispatch stocks to customers and retail partners.

Warehouse Amenities at Quick Disposal

Another reason why SG Wine Mart chose Work+Space as their partner was that we provide complete warehouse management from receiving shipments, processing orders, inventory management, packing and shipping products and labour management as well. 

Warehouse Amenities

Suitable for Varying Business Needs

Work+Store offers warehouse management services that are scalable as per the business needs. So whether they are in an expanding phase, need well-trained manpower for their warehouse operations, or want to maintain a well-organized warehouse space, Work+Store takes care of all their needs. 

With the big hassles of personal parcel delivery now taken care of by Work+Store warehouse personnel, SG Wine Mart can now concentrate on generating more sales for their business.

Summing Up

Work+Store has always focussed on providing its clients and users with convenient storage and warehouse logistics services. We ensure our users get a convenient experience at flexible service terms and with the best personnel.

For more information about Work+Store warehouse management services, you can contact at +65 6578 9966 or send a WhatsApp message at +65 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can even drop in an email at space@workstore.com.sg for more information.

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