Advantages of Using Self-Storage Rentals for Businesses in Singapore

Advantages of Using Self-Storage Rentals for Businesses in Singapore

Self-storage isn’t a new concept, but most of us consider it primarily a product for personal use rather than a business. However, the advantages of self-storage units are many, even for businesses. You know well that running a business is easiest when resources are readily available. One such resource can be self-storage, and you can take advantage of it for your business purposes.
Self-storage units are used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping unused furniture or storing yard equipment and tools. In addition, you can use them for business storage and store office furniture extras, seasonal equipment, and archived documents that take up extra space. Below, we will touch on the primary reasons companies turn to self-storage and why it might be good for you.

More time to focus on the main business.

As a business owner, storage, packing, and shipping may not be your core business. In such cases, seeking the help of external parties can bring you much-needed relief. It will create extra space and reduce office clutter, and it will also enable you to focus on your core business activities, such as new product development, marketing, and selling.

Reducing associated business risks

If you have an e-commerce or resale business, chances are you must be struggling to arrange space for your inventory or stocks. If your business is seeing a sudden upsurge in its sales, you also have to keep a sufficient quantity of supplies handy for bulk orders. With large quantities of stock to store, your responsibility to keep it safe and damage-free becomes crucial.
Using self-storage units for business storage reduces the associated business risks of damaged stock and loss of goods.

Safety and better access

Work+Store allows you to rent out self-storage units easily if you don’t have sufficient warehouse space. With our storage services in Singapore, you get clean, spacious, and accessible storage units where you can keep your excess stock safely.

The self-storage units offer adequate space, moisture-free and clean premises, proper security, and other amenities that are not available when storing your stuff at home or office. Besides, your storage unit will be under CCTV surveillance, and you can access your goods 24/7 without hassles.

Reduced storage costs.

For most small business owners, sales happen in cycles, i.e., for some months, they increase, while in other months, there may be a down surge according to the market conditions. So, you have to manage your maximum stock level at all times, even for a short time.
Renting out entire warehouse space for seasonal goods may prove to be expensive. With Work+Store, you get flexible storage options that you can upscale and downscale according to your business needs. The rental price also varies according to the storage type and unit size you are renting.

Enhanced use of capital

When you choose self-storage units for your business storage, it becomes a wise choice as it leads to cutting down on various costs. For example, if you select a regular warehouse space to store your goods, you need to pay a fixed rental, and at the same time, your need for labour also varies.

Owners of their own warehouse require more labourers and employees during periods of high sales and fewer employees during periods of low sales. Employing excess or inadequate labour can prove detrimental to your business costs. Better use of business capital can be achieved when you use self-storage units with Work+Store that offer flexible storage options. You can manage your seasonal business flow efficiently with proper storage available for your stock.

Value-added services

At Work+Store, you get more than just storage space; you also get better services. The storage spaces are well-organized and located at strategic points islandwide that are easily accessible from major parts of the city by bus, MRT, and roads. You get a wide range of unit sizes along with flexible lease terms.

With a $0 rental deposit (T & C apply), you can easily kickstart your self-storage rental journey with Work+Store. Our storage rentals in Singapore also come with a packing station well-equipped with equipment where you can get your packing done conveniently. We also offer mover services that comprise commercial logistic needs, new move-in to our storage units, or even retrieval requirements of our storage users from different locations.

Final words

Businesses with diverse needs can benefit from utilising self-storage units to store goods and safeguard their business assets. These units provide a secure place to store items, enabling businesses to ensure their belongings are conveniently protected. Explore the different ways in which your business can benefit from a self-storage unit at Work+Store.

For more details, contact us today and book your storage space.

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