Benefits of Using Self-Storage vs Traditional Warehouse Rentals for New Start-Ups & SMEs

Benefits of Using Self-Storage vs Traditional Warehouse Rentals for New Start-Ups & SMEs

Benefits of Using Self-Storage vs Traditional Warehouse Rentals for New Start-Ups & SMEs

Self-Storage has fuelled the growth of new start-ups and SMEs globally. Whether you are a small business based out of a home office or a dedicated business space, self-storage becomes a vital requirement after some time in business. You start needing external storage to store your merchandise or expand your available workspace to make more office space.

Cost-effective solutions and evolving storage trends among small businesses and start-ups have further accelerated the rise in the use of self-storage units. As a result, companies looking for storage for rent in Singapore now have multiple options to choose from the traditional warehouse rentals and self-storage units in the market. 

Warehousing Solutions: Traditional vs Self-Storage

Many small and medium enterprises jump to choosing traditional warehouse space for rent or buying warehouse space even before considering self-storage solutions which offer many desirable options in terms of both benefits and price. These units can provide the essential room for your business, whether you are a growing business or start-up, a local shop, or an e-commerce business and whatever the kind of transactions, supply trends, and space demand you have. Let us see how.

Flexible Rentals

Businesses always look to get the most out of their investment. Traditional warehouse rentals often do not offer customized storage, so you may land up paying for excess and unused space in the warehouse. Paying the rent to cover the sheer scale of the premises and maintenance costs can be substantial and can be easily avoided by choosing self-storage units.

Contrary to the common belief that self-storage units are too small to cater for business needs, Work+Store provides these units ranging from 100 sq ft to 400 sqft at flexible rental leases. This means you can avail of it for as long as you like, as per your business needs, whether this is an expansion, storage of seasonal goods, or temporary storage of goods due to renovation.

warehouse space for rent for e-commerce business

No Set-Up or Renovation Cost

The most significant cost associated with traditional warehouse rental spaces is the set-up costs. Most traditional warehouses do not have pre-installed lights, power sockets, air-condition, security alarms or fans. You may have to shell out some extra cash for the installation cost for such facilities. Moreover, when the lease is over, the tenant has to reinstate the facilities to their original condition before returning to the landlord, further adding to the cost.

Self-storage units offer a hassle-free storage solution without extensive setup or reinstatement costs. There is also no associated renovation period. Instead, you can choose a unit that suits your space requirement and move in quickly.

No Waiting Period or Maintenance Bills

With self-storage items, there are no waiting periods associated with leases. All that you need to pay are the monthly storage charges. There are no costs arising from unwarranted bills or fluctuating monthly utility bills. Similarly, there are no maintenance bills for the cleaning of the common areas and bathroom, the servicing of the aircon system and fans, and maintenance and monitoring of the security system and as in the case of traditional warehousing rentals. This saves you a lot of inconvenience and time, and you can focus on your business and grow it to greater heights.

Perks of Add-On Services 

As an SME or new start-up business, you might need more than just storage for your business. With self-storage units, you can have the convenience and peace of mind required to make the best of your businesses. In addition, you get several benefits such as the opportunity for sending and receiving packages, photo & video studio, packing station, administrative services, etc.

If you run a business that gets a lot of deliveries, you may worry about your packages being left out in the open. However, your deliveries will get accepted at the facility with self-storage units. This means you can get parcels delivered right to your secure storage unit. 

Work+Store offers convenient fulfilment services that include logistics movers, last-mile delivery service and a packing station. You can find a packing station located at every level with the necessary space and tools for packing your goods conveniently. This gives you a chance to maximize your storage space for your storage needs while we care for all your goods’ packaging.

convenient fulfilment services that include logistics movers

Easy Access 

Traditional warehouses are generally large and are situated away from the city in less convenient locations. This will clock up extra expenses for your business in terms of road mileage, diesel costs, and travel costs for regularly travelling long distances to access your goods. 

Self-storage units are conveniently located in central locations. You can find Work+Store’s storage units in strategic areas such as Kallang Baharu in Central Singapore, Tampines in East Singapore, and Ang Mo Kio in the Northeast.

Work+Store: All Types of Self-Storage for SMEs and Start-Ups

With Work+Store, you will find storage options for your business that are a notch higher. Our locations provide self-storage facilities with convenient features like drive-up access, round-the-clock security, and CCTV surveillance. Loading bays are conveniently accessible from the storage units which makes moving of goods fast and easy. We also provide 24/7 gate access so that you can stop by your storage unit as per your convenience.

In all, our self-storage units offer many advantages in terms of flexibility of size and payment methods. 

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