Chun Jie, owner of Caden and Caelyn’s Trove

Chun Jie, owner of Caden and Caelyn’s Trove

Chun Jie, owner of Caden and Caelyn’s Trove 

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Caden and Caelyn’s Trove is a multi-award online bookstore created by Chun Jie and his wife in hopes to nurture inquisitive young minds
through their curated collection of books.
Renting at Work+Store allows them to have a bigger space for storing and packing their online orders.

Q: Can you tell us about Caden & Caelyn’s Trove? 

We are a Parents World Award Winner in Best in Curated Interactive and Award-Winning
Children’s Books. We are an online bookstore, hoping to nurture inquisitive young minds
spread the love of reading with our curated collection of books!

Q: What are the challenges of being an e-commerce business owner? 

I start to face the problem of my products being stocked out often due to space constraint at home, as my business continues to grow. I even had to store my products in my kitchen, living room and my children’s play area., which pose as a danger for my 2 kids when they play at home.

Q: How did Work+Store help resolve your problems? 

With WPS storage, I have a bigger space now to stock up more books to
prevent the problem of stocked out. I can also bring in a wider variety of

Now all my books and puzzles are being arranged neatly on shelves.
This helps me to locate my products easily and fulfill online orders
efficiently. This has propelled my business to a new stage of expansion.





Q: Work+Store is glad to be part of Caden & Caelyn’s Trove’s
successful story!

Interested in affordable books from interactive (push, pull and slide), emotional management, award-winning titles to activity books and educational toys and puzzles suitable for babies, toddlers, and young children? 


IG: cadenandcaelyntrove 

Shopee: cadenandcaelyntrove