Downsizing Your Home: 4 Tips To Help You Declutter

Downsizing Your Home: 4 Tips To Help You Declutter

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Sometimes, life can throw you a curveball. During these transitions, you may need to downsize your home to accommodate a lifestyle change. However, downsizing need not be an unhappy affair. Instead, why not view it as a time of renewal and cleansing? It is an opportunity for you to declutter your belongings to accommodate your smaller living space. Read on to learn how to downsize your home efficiently and live clutter-free!

Tip #1: Start as soon as possible

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We recommend starting your downsizing process as soon as possible so you can pace yourself and plan things properly without feeling overwhelmed. A rule of thumb is to begin at least three months before your move, but if you want to start sooner, go ahead!

However, getting started early is the easy part. To keep your new home free of clutter, you must decide on the belongings you need to keep and things you no longer require. But how do you sort through everything and decide what to bring to your new home? Well, we recommend the Kon-Mari method. 

Gauge your possessions’ value and whether they still “spark joy” within you. If the answer is no, it is time to get rid of it. But what should you do when there are more objects that spark joy than you can accommodate in your new home? In that case, you can consider renting a storage unit to store the belongings you use less regularly.

Tip #2: Measure your new living space

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You need to comprehend the size of your living space in order to downsize properly and fit all your essential belongings into your new home. Ideally, you should measure and know the square footage of each room and its general shape. This information can help you figure out which items you can or cannot fit into the house. 

Tip #3: Consider downsizing your furniture

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Generally, furniture pieces are the most challenging to fit into a smaller home. So rather than attempt to squeeze a large sofa into a compact living room, why not take this opportunity to simplify and redesign your living space? For bulky furniture pieces that are still usable, you can sell or give them away to a friend/relative or stow them in a storage unit.

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Since storage space is a precious commodity, you should look for furniture that is smaller and more ergonomic. Multi-functional furniture pieces like storage beds or tables with built-in drawers are recommended. These changes can help prevent clutter from building up unnecessarily.

Tip #4: Rent a storage unit to declutter your home

Downsizing Your Home 4 Tips To Help You Declutter

What do you do when you still have excess items after giving, selling, or throwing away the belongings you deem appropriate? The answer lies in self-storage. At Work+Store, we have various types of self-storage available! With our flexible lease terms, you can downgrade or upgrade your storage at a moment’s notice depending on your needs. You can also access your items whenever you require them.

After putting in the hard work to downsize and simplify your life, you will want to keep up your excellent work. However, it is uncanny how quickly things can accumulate in your home. So be vigilant against a clutter relapse! After all, the less stuff you have, the less stress you feel. Ultimately, this leads to a virtuous cycle of consuming less and saving more, thus leading to a happier life.

Do you need additional storage space in Singapore? Whether you require small or large storage space for rent, Work+Store have you covered! If you are looking for a storage rental near you, do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about our unit availability and prices.

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