How Businesses Can Capitalise On 11.11 Sales With Work+Store’s Self-Storage Units

How Businesses Can Capitalise On 11.11 Sales With Work+Store’s Self-Storage Units

11.11 is nearly upon us again! For consumers, this means taking advantage of steep discounts and stellar deals to fulfil their wishlists. Meanwhile, as an e-commerce entrepreneur in Singapore, you are undoubtedly excited about the significant sales boon that lies ahead. However, preparation is vital if you want to walk out a winner this Singles’ Day. Let us share how you can capitalise on this big day with our self-storage units!

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Extra storage space for additional stocks

The last thing you want during the 11.11 promotion is to run out of inventory when customer demand is high. Therefore, you want to ensure you have sufficient stock beforehand to avoid missing crucial sales opportunities. However, space is probably at a premium if you operate out of your home or a compact office. That is when a storage unit can come to your rescue, providing the extra storage space you require to stow your products.

As the various e-commerce businesses renting our facilities can attest, renting a business storage unit has benefitted their enterprise significantly during this peak period.

“Our business specialises in food products, offering condiments and snacks primarily from Indonesia. During 11.11, we usually notice higher sales volume, with many consumers buying in bulk. Renting a storage unit with Work+Store has helped us immensely in organising our inventory and fulfilling customer orders.”

– Ruiza, owner of 876 Miles


“Work+Store’s storage unit has helped my business immensely, providing me with additional storage space to house all my inventory. That is especially helpful during 11.11, as I am anticipating more customer orders than usual.”

– Jermaine, owner of MYoung Pte Ltd


Flexible and secure storage environment

Another issue you might be fretting about as 11.11 approaches is the safety of your inventory. After all, no one wants damaged goods, and dispatching faulty and dented products is a surefire way to tarnish your business’s reputation.

At Work+Store, our storage facilities are equipped with a state-of-the-art security system, offering round-the-clock CCTV surveillance. As such, you can rest easy knowing your inventory is in safe hands. Our facilities also feature spacious loading bays and broad walkways to allow you to move your products to and from your storage unit without worrying about damaging them during transport.

“I cannot simply store my inventory willy-nilly for fear of theft. The security features available at Work+Store like the 24/7 CCTV have provided me with peace of mind, offering me a safe and secure place to store my inventory.”

– Jermaine, owner of MYoung Pte Ltd


The best thing about our business storage unit is that you can rent them for as long as you need, which is especially helpful during peak promotional periods. You can continue storing any additional inventory even after 11.11 has ended to avoid cluttering your workspace.

Convenient drop-off points for delivery services

During 11.11, you will likely be busy packing and fulfilling various customer orders all day. Nevertheless, you do not want to keep your customers waiting for their purchases. Our storage facilities feature convenient drop-off points for delivery services to pick up your parcels and deliver them promptly to your customers!

“During peak periods, we can focus solely on packing our orders before dropping them off at the access point, knowing the parcels will be delivered safely and promptly to our customers.” 

– Ruiza, owner of 876 Miles


The nature of sales means businesses have to act quickly or risk missing out. So, start Single’s Day with a bang with Work+Store’s reliable and cheap storage solutions. We will be glad to help get your 11.11 campaign off to a flying start. Contact us today to enquire about the prices and availability of our storage facilities.

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