How Event Planners Can Benefit From Self-Storage

How Event Planners Can Benefit From Self-Storage

How Event Planners Can Benefit From Self-Storage

As an event planner, you are probably familiar with juggling multiple inventories for separate events. But what happens when these supplies begin to crowd your office? Having clutter strewn across your office space is hardly a professional look for any business.

However, what is an enterprising entrepreneur to do with their inventory? After all, you will require these resources to meet the needs of your clients’ events. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Rent a storage unit!

As Ms Melinda Kaur – an Event Manager from Luksh Event Concierge – discovered, self-storage brings plenty of advantages to an event planner. Read on to learn how Work+Store’s storage facilities have elevated Ms Melinda’s business to the next level and how they can benefit your company too!

1. Expand inventory without worrying about storage space

Expand inventory without worrying about storage space self-storage Singapore

Every event planner understands the importance of having a robust inventory to meet the diverse requirements of their clients. One moment you could be planning a finance seminar, and the next, you are arranging the decorations for a corporate dinner and dance. All of these occasions demand different supplies, as Melinda can attest.

“Having limited space for our inventory and organising them properly are a few of the challenges we face. Nevertheless, we still need to ensure we have the right quantity of inventory to meet our client’s expectations and needs.”

– Melinda, Event Manager at Luksh Event Concierge

However, space is not the only consideration for event planners. Organisers also require convenient access to their inventories at all times to cater to the flexible schedule of event management. And that is what our business storage solutions provide for event managers like Melinda.

“Being in an event styling business, we would need a space to store our event props such as faux flowers, backdrop stands, table display props etc. Work+Store’s self-storage solution has provided us with the space to store our props at a reasonable cost compared to having an office space. With 24-hour accessibility, we are able to return to my self-storage space at any time, especially when most events wrap up after 11 pm.”

– Melinda, Event Manager at Luksh Event Concierge

2. Temperature-controlled storage to keep inventory safe

Temperature-controlled storage to keep inventory safe self-storage Singapore

Audio-visual (AV) equipment is a godsend for event planners. Flashing lights, image projectors, a robust sound system – all of these pieces of equipment can elevate a mediocre event to one that everyone is buzzing about even after it ends.

However, organisers also know that these devices can be a hassle to store safely. Even small amounts of moisture can cause the electronics to short-circuit, leading to malfunctions. Rusting is also a concern since AV equipment comprises metallic components.

Temperature-controlled storage facilities in Singapore are essential in this regard, as they provide event managers with a safe and secure environment to store their inventory. Even if you do not require AV equipment for your events, it is still an excellent idea to keep your supplies in a cool, dry place to prevent mould growth. After all, as every event manager knows, having mould-infested props is not a good look for one’s business.

“We keep all our props in a cool, dry place so that it does not promote mould growth.”

– Melinda, Event Manager at Luksh Event Concierge

3. Manage seasonal decorations for holiday events

Manage seasonal decorations for holiday events self-storage Singapore

During Valentine’s Day, you will require flowers and heart-shaped decorations to adorn your event. But what happens to these props once the occasion is over? They are probably occupying a significant amount of space in your office. This undoubtedly makes it a hassle for you and your employees to work and move around the office. However, it does not make financial sense to expand your office space just to manage your seasonal props.

Enter storage units. By opting for self-storage, event planners can conveniently rotate the inventory they require at any given moment. For example, you can keep your Chinese New Year decorations close by during the Lunar New Year period. Afterwards, you can stow them away until the following year. The cost of renting a storage unit definitely beats shelving a premium sum to rent a new office space.

“Renting a self-storage space definitely helps small businesses like mine, and it is cost-effective in the long run. You pay at least two times the price with an office space, which might not be suitable and convenient for storage purposes.”

– Melinda, Event Manager at Luksh Event Concierge

4. Declutter your office

Declutter your office self-storage Singapore

Yes! This is the most obvious benefit on this list. We have even highlighted the challenges of finding adequate storage space for event managers earlier. Moreover, there are plenty of perks to having an organised office beyond maintaining your business image.

A cluttered office poses a risk for you and your employees. Given the hectic nature of the event industry, you would have experienced your fair share of rushing around to meet client deadlines. Imagine doing this in a messy office! Every prop lying haphazardly in the office is a potential tripping hazard. So start providing your employees with a safe working environment today by renting a self-storage unit to declutter your office.

Every business stands to benefit from having adequate storage space. None more so than those in the event industry. Just as we have provided Ms Melinda Kaur with the storage solutions to her event planning woes, Work+Store seeks to do the same for your company. So if you are looking for storage space rental for your event management business, do not hesitate to contact us today to enquire about our flexible lease arrangements.

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