How Self-Storage Can Help To Declutter Your House Before Welcoming The New Member

How Self-Storage Can Help To Declutter Your House Before Welcoming The New Member

How Self-Storage Can Help You Prepare For Your Babys Arrival

Are you expecting? Well, congratulations! You are undoubtedly excited to welcome your little bundle of joy. However, you may find yourself scrambling to get your home ready for the new arrival. All these preparations can feel overwhelming for any parents-to-be. So to help ease your nerves and let you enjoy your run-up to parenthood, let us share how you can prepare your home for your baby’s arrival effectively (with some help from your self-storage unit).

Essential checklist for your baby’s arrival

Essential checklist for your babys arrival-self-storage-singapore

The best way to get ready for your baby’s arrival is to prepare early! As such, you would want to have all the essential baby items purchased before your due date. Your checklist will probably look something like this:

  • Bassinet/Crib
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Changing Table
  • Diapers
  • Pacifiers
  • Stroller
  • Toys

If you are in the midst of decluttering your home, you may want to store these items in a storage unit temporarily. You may even find it handy to continue renting the storage unit during and after the baby’s arrival, as it offers a safe, secure place to store any non-essential items.

How to prepare your home for your baby’s arrival

How to prepare your home for your babys arrival-self-storage-singapore

1. Start your preparations early

It is never too early to start putting your home in order. Sure, there is plenty to do, and the task ahead can seem enormous. But rest assured that the earlier you begin, the better, as your home should be baby-proof and clutter-free before the big day.

We recommend creating a list detailing everything that needs to be done before setting yourself a goal of clearing a portion of these tasks daily. Taking things step-by-step can make these tasks more manageable, and as you tick off each task on the list, you will feel like progress is being made.

2. Safety should be your No. 1 priority

Children are curious little angels and love exploring the world around them. So do not be surprised to find your baby wobbling off at every opportunity once they become mobile. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your home is as child-proof as possible. Any cracks and sharp edges that can harm inquisitive fingers should be dealt with, and every power socket should be covered.

Do not neglect your furnishing too! You will be surprised to learn the hidden dangers that they can pose from a baby’s perspective. Drawers that can trap little fingers, unstable tools, and lamps that can be easily toppled must all be considered. Child-proof locks on drawers and cabinets can easily keep your child’s delicate fingers safe. Meanwhile, any furniture that can be easily knocked over or pulled should be kept in storage for the time being.

Self-storage is ideal for storing these potentially dangerous pieces of furniture, as users can select from a range of storage sizes at affordable prices and decide on the exact rental period they require. By keeping these items in storage, you can ensure they remain safe and in perfect condition without adding to the clutter of your household, which will undoubtedly be filled with various baby paraphernalia.

3. Make full use of your spare room

Are you planning on converting a spare room at home into your baby’s nursery? That is a brilliant idea! However, if the room is already set up as a guest room, you might have to clear out any existing furniture, which is where self-storage can once again come to the rescue!

Using your storage unit as furniture storage can free up your spare room for essential baby items like the crib and changing table. Who knows? You may even find a use for these pieces of furniture when your bundle of joy grows up. Whether it is a bedside table, dresser, or mattress, they can be safely kept out of the way and brought back when necessary.

Getting your home ready for your baby’s arrival need not be a daunting task, especially with self-storage. You may find such storage solutions to be invaluable during your preparations. So if you seek to rent a cheap storage space in Singapore, look no further than Work+Store. We have various storage unit sizes available at affordable prices. Do not hesitate to contact us today to request a quotation.

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