How To Choose Temporary Storage During A Renovation

How To Choose Temporary Storage During A Renovation

How To Choose Temporary Storage During A Renovation

A renovation can be an exciting but stressful time for homeowners. On one hand, you are undoubtedly looking forward to remodelling your flat into your dream home. Conversely, you might be worried about dust and debris covering your expensive furniture, or worse, your furniture pieces getting damaged during the refurbishment.

So what can you do in this situation? Well, the answer lies in short-term storage! Renting a self-storage unit for a period of time allows you to safeguard your belongings while providing your renovation crew with more room to get the work done efficiently. But how do you choose a storage unit that is ideal for you? Fret not! Let us outline what you should consider as you begin searching for a suitable storage unit.

Consideration #1: Look for a storage provider that offers short-term storage plans

Look for a storage provider that offers short-term storage plans-Temporary storage during renovation

Your home renovation will take approximately three months to complete (give or take). Therefore, you are unlikely to require long-term storage for your belongings. However, some storage providers require a rental period of at least a few months with a long notice period in case of contract termination, which is inconvenient to those seeking temporary storage during renovation.

So you should always enquire if a service provider offers flexible lease terms before committing to the contract. This way, you only have to pay for the storage period you require, and not a penny more! And if you change your mind and decide to store your belongings long term to declutter your home, you can extend the lease terms to suit your requirements. No fuss, no muss!

Consideration #2: Ensure the storage facility is near your home

Ensure the storage facility is near your home-Storage space Singapore

Picture this: you require an item urgently, but it is located within your storage unit, which is an hour’s bus ride away. That sounds like a hassle doesn’t it? This is why we recommend finding a storage space nearest to your home. By doing so, you can cut down on the travelling time and cost whenever you need to retrieve something in your storage unit. You would also thank yourself for this decision when it comes time to shift your belongings back to your home once the renovation is completed.

Consideration #3: Consider a storage provider that offers a wide range of storage sizes

Consider a storage provider that offers a wide range of storage sizes-Storage space Singapore

Imagine hauling your belongings to the storage facility only to discover you cannot fit every item into the storage unit. That is sure to leave you frustrated. Therefore, it is essential to know the approximate storage size you require before confirming all of the details with your storage provider.

A storage provider who offers a wide range of storage sizes can provide you with the appropriate storage unit size that fits your needs. It will also be more convenient for you to scale up or downsize your storage space to match your changing requirements in the future.

As you can see, there are multiple factors to consider when choosing a temporary storage unit for your renovation needs. So do not be haphazard in your decision-making, and keep these considerations in mind as you begin searching for your ideal storage unit in Singapore. You are sure to find a storage provider that meets all your needs in no time flat!

If you are having a challenging time identifying a suitable storage provider for your renovation storage needs, look no further than Work+Store! We offer multiple storage unit sizes – from 20 to 500 square feet – for rent at flexible rental terms. And with various storage facilities located across Singapore, you are sure to find one that is most convenient for you. Do not hesitate to contact us today to request a quotation.

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