How To Prepare Your E-Commerce Business For 11.11

How To Prepare Your E-Commerce Business For 11.11

How To Prepare Your E-Commerce Business For 11.11

Gosh, it is exciting! The biggest shopping event in the world, AKA 11 Nov/Singles’ Day, is soon upon us. As an e-commerce entrepreneur in Singapore, you are undoubtedly looking forward to a significant sales boon. As you go about making your preparation for the event, let us share the things you should sort out beforehand to ensure you are a big winner this Singles’ Day!

Tip #1: Figure out your best deals

Every business has its best-selling product. So what is yours? As this question pops into your head, you will likely have a clear answer in mind. Whatever this product is, ensure it is the best bargain in your e-store to gain visibility. Remember, the better the deal, the greater the sales volume.

Such promotions also have a knock-on effect of creating a solid base of loyal customers who will remember your offers. Subsequently, they may be enticed to return the following year to browse your products and make another purchase.

Tip #2: Stock up on new and exclusive products

Stock up on new and exclusive products in a business storage

Have you figured out your best-selling product? Great! However, 11.11 is not just a day to capitalise on ‘old reliable’. It is also an excellent time to release new and exclusive products. In fact, according to Chris Tung, Chief Marketing Officer at Alibaba Group, Singles’ Day has become the most efficient way to launch new products. 

So do not forget to stock up on the latest and hottest products to capture consumers’ attention. After all, the last thing you want is to run out of stock in the middle of the day, thereby losing sales opportunities. If you are wondering where to place all these items, the answer lies in business storage!

Another great news is that some service providers offer additional business storage solutions to help streamline your sales process. For example, at Work+Store, you will find plenty of packing stations (pictured above) located at every level to get your packing done conveniently. With things getting hectic during 11.11, you will undoubtedly be grateful to have the tools and space you need at your disposal, which is something our client, Mr Lim, can attest to. 

“The communal fulfilment hub services provided by Work+Store offer convenience and allow us as an e-commerce seller to save cost, as everything is within the same building. We use the available packing stations to pack our orders since our storage unit has insufficient space for order processing.”

– Mr Lim, owner of “Pipionlinestores” on Lazada

Tip #3: Create an effective email discount campaign

Inventory management create an effective email discount campaign

Now that you have your inventory management issues sorted out, it is time to get word of your 11.11 sales deals out. One of the most effective ways to capture your audience’s attention is through emails that create a sense of urgency with a campaign, like a flash sale. For example, you can provide a promo code in the email that offers consumers a limited-time discount on your products that is valid only for Singles’ Day.

Tip #4: Don’t neglect social media

Do not neglect social media

You probably are well aware of this, but it bears repeating – never overlook the importance of social media. Engaging with your followers to let them know about the upcoming 11.11 sales is the best way to create hype. Here is an excellent idea to consider: host a live-streamed shopping video (AKA live commerce) on your social media accounts.

So why live commerce? That is because around USD$11.8 billion was spent on live commerce platforms during 2021 Singles’ Day sales. This statistic clearly demonstrates the popularity of live streaming. Therefore, it would seem like a waste not to tap into the potential of this tool.

Not sure where to begin? Let us help you! At Work+Store, we are always seeking new ways to aid our clients’ businesses. This is why we partnered with Kyros Live, a live commerce tech company, to help enterprises achieve greater heights in the virtual space. Sign up for our business storage solutions today and enjoy an exclusive 50% discount! 

We also provide our customers with a fully-equipped studio for their live-streaming needs. All the essential equipment, such as backdrop, tripod, and spotlight, are prepared and ready for use. With minimum movements of goods and props from your storage facility to our studio, you will find the entire process a breeze. We recommend confirming your booking as early as possible, as it is on a first-come, first-served basis!

Tip #5: Get affordable business storage

Get affordable business storage

As an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur, you would likely be all too familiar with the challenges to navigate as preparation continues apace for Singles’ Day. Well, you are not alone. Plenty of business owners share similar sentiments. Thankfully, these issues, such as insufficient storage space and more, can be alleviated with affordable business storage.

“We had no space for our order fulfilment and packed parcels for delivery services like Ninja Collection. The extra storage space provided by Work+Store offers peace of mind and makes my daily ordering process much easier. The available communal space can also function as a meeting space that allows me to meet my clients.”

– Mr Lim, owner of “Pipionlinestores” on Lazada

Business storage facilities can aid inventory management, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most – promoting your products and boosting sales! You might even want to consider air-conditioning units, especially if you are storing products sensitive to temperature and humidity. Even if you are stowing regular items, renting such units can prevent mould and mildew from forming and damaging your stock. 

In fact, there are numerous benefits to self-storage rentals beyond decluttering your workspace. Don’t believe us? Then check out what Mr Lim had to say after renting our storage facilities for his business needs.

“Work+Store’s reasonable pricing helps us keep our costs as low as possible. The well-maintained facilities provide us with a good and comfortable environment to organise, store, and pack our orders, especially during peak periods and promotional events.”

– Mr Lim, owner of “Pipionlinestores” on Lazada

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Get your 11.11 campaign off to a flying start with Work+Store! With our affordable business storage solutions, you can keep your costs low and your profits high this Singles’ Day. Do not hesitate to contact us today to enquire about our prices and the availability of our storage facilities.

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