How Work+Store Helps E-Commerce Businesses to Achieve Their Goals?

How Work+Store Helps E-Commerce Businesses to Achieve Their Goals?

How Work+Store Helps E-Commerce Businesses to Achieve Their Goals

Based on the experience shared by Base Piece, a brand specialising in fine tableware which is employing Work+Store’s services.

Base Piece launched as an e-commerce business amid a pandemic. This enabled them to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a brand, they are committed to delivering the purchased products as soon as possible, regardless of where you reside in Singapore.

The company was looking for a new space to utilise as a warehouse, have meetings, and handle the packaging & dispatching of products. After exploring a few companies that offer storage solutions, order fulfilment areas, and last-mile deliveries, they decided to rent Work+Store @ 202 Kallang Bahru. It was the perfect fit for all their requirements.

Ideal Location for Running Business

They found that 202 Kallang Bahru is a good choice for them due to its central location. This makes it easier for them to dispatch stocks to retail partners. The MRT stations and bus stops in the vicinity have made commuting easy for the storage users and customers who travel through public transport, while the parking space is helpful for people who travel through private vehicles. Work+Store storage space in Kallang Bahru offers a wide range of storage units in different sizes. Prices are inclusive of Facilities Fees, Utilities, and GST. Base Piece retains a higher MOS (Margin of Safety) for their best-selling designs to guarantee that they are always available to their consumers.

Working for E-Commerce Businesses

Amenities Make Work Easy for E-Commerce Businesses

On the first day, team members of Base Piece visited 202 Kallang Bahru, they were amazed by the amenities and facilities such as lounge, photo studios, and others available for an e-commerce business like them. 

These facilities are located within the same building as the unit, making it easy to access them. Storage, photography, meetings, getting work done in between schedules – all can be done at one location instead of having to rent or travel to different places. This greatly helps with minimising the costs of running the business. The well-equipped studio that includes backgrounds, lightboxes, and lightings has made it easy for the company to have product photoshoots.

Last-Mile Delivery

The availability of the last mile delivery has helped the company to ensure that all the packages reach the customer’s doorstep safely and on time at low shipping rates.

Flexible Lease Terms

As the company continue to grow, Work+Store’s flexible lease terms and an assortment of unit sizes will cater to their changing space requirements at different stages of their business expansion without any hassle.

Base Piece goods are now available in Singapore and Hong Kong, with plans to expand internationally. The company is also working on new tableware designs and curating additional tableware from different potters across the world to deliver the best products to their consumers in Singapore.

Apart from warehouse and storage space rental, the amenities at 202 Kallang Bahru are a terrific addition to the company’s everyday operations. Everything is kept in the same location, which provides more convenience, accessibility, and efficiency.

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