Make Space for Luck this Lunar New Year

Make Space for Luck this Lunar New Year

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As another brilliant year in Chinese New Year history comes with non-stop revelry, bright colours, and sheer exuberance, we begin to soak in the festive mood with various exciting celebrations. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger and a celebration of home and family. This is one time of the year that demands all of your attention and energy. While you find your own innovative means to capture the festive spirit as friends and local family catch up, it is time 

Creating More Space

We all face this issue of housing too many bulky items that just sit around the house and occupy too much space. It could be the age-old crockery cupboard or your home gym equipment or a bulky couch. When it is time for family gatherings and scrumptious dinners around the dining table, every square foot of space counts. We are there to assist you when such a need for more space arises to get organised and make more room at home. Our storage solutions come with flexible lease terms and zero deposit plans. This means you can get the storage for just the festive period to temporarily declutter your house and make space for hosting friends and family at convenient rates. 

Reorganise Your Stuff with Our Basic Storage 

You need not worry as our Basic Storage Unit is the perfect solution for self storage in Singapore. This storage unit is popular because it gives you ample space to declutter your home, and, it provides you with an option for both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned units. So, for any bulky item that you occasionally use, such as bicycles, personal items, equipment, you can try storing them there.

If you have recently moved out but have not settled in, you can use this Basic Storage as a spare storeroom. Here, you can temporarily store your furniture or belongings until you find a cosy place to settle down. 

Free up space and store your extra office furniture or belongings with this small warehouse space for rent. In fact, our small, medium and large business storage units offer suitable warehousing solutions or storage space for e-retailers or small businessmen looking to move their inventory out of their homes too. 

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What Makes Basic Storage an Ideal Solution?

These storage units are available in three sizes, small, medium and large, ranging from 100 sq ft to 400 sq ft in area. So, you have ample space at your disposal per your needs. 

On top of that, these units for extra storage in Singapore provide 24-hour access to your stored items so that you can come and retrieve them at your convenience. Not to mention, the always-on CCTV surveillance by Work+Store provides you with plenty of safety assurance.

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Explore the Brilliance of Our Valet Storage

Getting your house decluttered can be a challenge if you have a lot of items to arrange and organise. For example, you may have plans to buy some new pieces of furniture but are not able to dispose of your existing ones. Or you suddenly find a heap of the extra stuff that has resulted from the decluttering after organising every nook and corner of your house. Here, we have our affordable Valet Storage solutions, ‘Storage by Items’ and ‘ Storage by Space’, that will help you save some money compared to regular storage options.

Get Customized ‘ Storage by Items’ 

The Valet Storage option offers “Storage by Items” as one of the storage options. You just simply need to make a list of all the items you want to store out of the house. You can even store a large number of small items like books or figurines that can fit in our Valet storage box at a small fee of $5 monthly per box. Even for large items that may not fit in a box, such as bicycles, sports equipment or baby carriers, you can store them with us.

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Try Our ’storage by Space’ for More Convenience

Not everything that you need to store will fit in boxes or shelves. For example, you may need a bigger space outside your house to store furniture, luggage items, or large appliances. Flexi Space allows you to just pay for the space your items need instead of paying for an entire storage unit area. We have options for a 25 sq ft, 35 sq ft, and 50 sq ft storage area with monthly rental fees starting from just $99. All you have to do is to call us up for a space evaluation of your items, and we will advise you on how much space you would actually need. 

What Makes Valet Storage a Suitable Storage Solution for You?

You can fully trust our team members to safely pick up and transfer your items from your home to our storage facility. We provide sturdy boxes for your items, made from industrial grade material to ensure your belongings stay protected and secure. Cast your worries aside as our Work+Store storage facilities offer clean and well-maintained units equipped with 24-hour surveillance and security.

On a Final Note

If you plan to declutter your house this season, Work+Space is here to help you out with decluttering and storage solutions. As we enter the New Year, make full use of our versatile storage space solutions ideas to organise your home and welcome 2022 with open arms.

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