Pack, Store & Retrieve With Just A Click Using Flexi Space

Pack, Store & Retrieve With Just A Click Using Flexi Space

Flexi Space – a one-stop solution

What do a family renovating their home, an expanding clothing business, and an art collector going abroad have in common? They all need a temporary storage space to keep their items safe for some time. The family needs a place to move their household goods while their house is being renovated. The clothing line needs to store away the seasonal stock safely for a few months before retrieving it for the next sale, and the art collector would want a safe place to store his cherished collection so that he/she can travel tension-free. All of them are looking for a reliable service to put their belongings away for a month or months before retrieving them back safe and undamaged when asked for. 

Flexi Space storage service starts from just $99*/ month. It gives you the flexibility to pay only according to the volume of your items instead of the rent for a complete unit

Flexi Space – a one-stop solution

Once you book the space required, our team will deliver complimentary industrial-grade packaging boxes to pack your items. When you are done packing, we pick up and ensure safe handling and transport of the boxes to our storage facility. The facility design ensures that there will be no environmental damage to your items in storage. And its state-of-the-art security with 24X7 surveillance keeps them safe for as long you want. Then whenever you want your items back, you can simply call and schedule a retrieval and the boxes will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Thus, instead of arranging the storage facility and moving services separately, you get a one-stop solution to move, store and retrieve your items with a single click.


one-stop solution to move, store and retrieve

Benefits of Flexi Space 

Some of the key benefits of Flexi Space can be summed up as 

  • Pay only for the storage space you use. You need not take a whole storage unit for rent to keep your goods if those can come in few boxes. For bulky items, you can mention the dimensions at the time of booking the order and our executives will help with the packaging material accordingly. 
  • Door-to-door service. No need to bother about buying packaging material or hiring a transporter. Flexi Space is not just a storage service but a complete solution right from providing packaging boxes at your doorstep, and managing the transport to and from the storage space
  • Safety & security. The Flexi Space facility is designed in such a way that steven after months of storage, you will get back your items in the same condition as you packed them. Our facilities have 24X7 security to keep your items completely safe. 

Benefits of Flexi Space


Who needs Flexi Space?

Some of the situations in which people can use the Flexi Space service are 

  • Individuals or families who are in and out of Singapore for months due to employment or other reasons can benefit from using the Flexi Space facility. The two options for such people are either to maintain the current house on rent or selling off all the items when they move out and then repurchase when they come back. At a fraction of the cost as compared to both options, they will be able to get safe and secure storage for their household items and keep it there for as long as they want. When they come back, they could always finalise a new house and retrieve their items from the Flexi Space. 
  • Families renovating houses or in-between houses. Most families want to renovate a house after purchase to add the fixtures and furniture as per their family’s personal needs. During this period, they can store their household items in the Flexi Space storage and themselves shift to a temporary accommodation like those provided at Coliwoo. This is much more economical considering the other option of moving to a hotel or taking another house for rent.
  • Flexi Space is not just for large goods or full household items only. For example, nursery items like baby cots, car seats, strollers, etc. are expensive purchases and even if you don’t need them now, you may want to reuse them in the future for yourself or a close relative. But during the intermediate time, they only end up cluttering your house. Flexi Space is the perfect solution for such items where you pay only for the storage space that your items occupy which is very less and you get a clean house. 
  • Expanding or restructuring offices is one of the side-effects of a growing business. But during this time, you will not want your work to stop for even a day. For the time that a company’s office is being redone, your furniture and important documentation like contracts and financial records can safely be stored using the Flexi Space facility. 
  • Professionals with seasonal jobs who need their equipment for only a few months every year can also store these away safely for the rest of the months using Flexi Space storage. This equipment would otherwise have found a place in their house and occupied space unnecessarily. 

Flexi Space may not be suitable if you would like to access the stored items again and again or add or take just one item from the storage. Flexi Space service does not offer partial retrieval of items. For such requirements as small warehouse space for rent or personal storage unit, you can select a different kind of services like Work+Store or self-storage unit

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