Peggy, Owner of Moliee.co

Peggy, Owner of Moliee.co

Peggy, Owner of Moliee.co 

Business Storage at Aljunied 

After a drastic career change, Peggy is now the business owner for Moliee, an online business created to help make weight management easier and achievable for everyone through natural health supplements. With her air-conditioned business storage, she can easily store and pack her products whenever. 

Q:Tell us about you 

Hi, I’m Peggy, I was an international DJ turned business owner. Moliee is a brand created to make weight management easy and achievable for everyone. 

Q:Why did you choose Work+Store @ Aljunied? 

Firstly, I love their management team! They are so friendly and helpful. Secondly, I get to have my own personal space to work on my business and pack my orders. 

Q:What do you like most about renting with Work+Store? 

Convenience and Security. It’s located very near the Aljunied MRT, and my storage unit is under 24/7 camera surveillance. 

Q:Share about your business 

All our products are made with natural extracts, to help improve gut health and boost metabolism, check out Moliee.co 


IG: moliee.co