Get Creative: Self-Storage Ideas for Artists and Collectors

Get Creative: Self-Storage Ideas for Artists and Collectors

Self-Storage Ideas for Artists and Collectors

Creativity can sneak up on all artists at quite unexpected moments, and suddenly they will find themselves producing unique paintings or portraits. Of course, as an artist, you could also be ready to organize your art exhibit or be ready to head out on tour! But even the most creative and organized artists need a safe and secure location for storing their canvases, tools, and art supplies that help them bring their work to life. 

Whether you are a pro artist or an avid art collector or have a great collection of inherited masterpieces, storage for your valuable paintings and artwork would be a task for you. If you want to keep your precious works safe while moving out or just want to create some extra space, we present some storage ideas for your artwork.

Art Storage Hassles

Art storage comes with a lot of risks. Trying to out your favourite artwork properly in storage can be a nerve-wracking task. When you are looking for some extra storage in Singapore, it’s good to know what you’re looking for.

Temperature changes from heat sources or overhead lighting are a primary factor that can be detrimental to your paintings and artwork. Exposure to direct sunlight is one of the main reasons why paintings deteriorate. Similarly, hanging a painting for an extended period can cause its colours and canvas to fade and crack. Oil and acrylics in an oil painting can lighten in the sunlight and darken when stored in darkness. Excessive moisture or humidity can cause can also cause a chemical reaction to your paintings. 

Art storage does not deal with painting textures and canvas damage changes alone. The art pieces are big and take a lot of space which becomes an issue over time. Moreover, you cannot stack paintings like books as they can get damaged. Also, hanging methods can lead to cracks and warps in paintings.

Proper storage methods can help art owners preserve their treasure. Work+Store offers flexible self-storage solutions and storage rentals in Singapore to help you store your artworks in an ideal space needed for your access convenience.

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Storage Ideas for Your Artwork

You can store your artwork, paintings, and excess art supplies safely here. You just need to come up with some creative storage solution ideas, and your items will be in perfect storage care.

Utility Carts – You may use wheeled metallic or wooden carts that can be the perfect piece of furniture for a tidy workspace. This vertically slim piece of furniture can be used to store your paint cans, canvases, paper rolls and other art supplies.

Drawer Units: Drawer units on casters can be ideal for keeping your art items more secure. These units have individual drawers for organization and take up less space than the wheeled cart. A clear plastic set of drawers on wheels can be an excellent choice for holding art and craft supplies as things are visible and can be easily located. 

Shelves: You can use multiple vertical shelves to utilize space. You can even use tall wooden bookcases that don’t take up much floor space. You can use your creativity to transform these affordable shelving units into fancy built-ins with a few tools.

Racks: You can use floor storage racks to keep your canvases organized and damage-free. Avoid stacking paintings. If you must do so, use padding or use a painting rack. Some rack designs offer hooks to hang supplies from S-hooks. You can also try your hands at a quick DIY shelf unit made with wood planks and ordinary shelf brackets.

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions from Work+Store

Your art will require supplies, which will accumulate over time. So, you will need to come up with plenty of creative storage space for your artwork and tools. Work+Store provides clean, conducive and secure self-storage solutions for extra storage in Singapore with flexible lease terms. 

These storage units are available in both basic and business storage categories, with and without aircon, as an ideal choice to declutter your home art studio. These units are available in small, medium, and large sizes, ranging from 100 sq ft to 399 sq ft, as per your requirements. These units provide 24-hour access at your preference. There is round-the-clock CCTV to ensure the safety of your items. Self-storage units at Work+Store offer easy access with a choice of air-con and non-aircon temperature-regulated units. 

How Self-Storage Facilities Benefit Artists

For artists, a self-storage unit is a place to store work before going on sale or becoming part of an exhibition. Prolific painters require temporary storage for existing pieces or even works in progress, as they may not have enough space at home or in their studio for all their projects and supplies. 

Located throughout Singapore, Work+Store is your top choice for self-storage near you. We offer spacious and weather-proof units with video surveillance and gated security for your belongings. Discover Self Storage Solutions with Work+Store and get ready to move in your artwork and supplies for better storage options!

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