Smart Warehouse Storage Solutions That Make a Difference

Smart Warehouse Storage Solutions That Make a Difference

Smart Warehouse Storage Solutions That Make a Difference

A tidy and organised warehouse is a true reflection of your business and the work value of your employees and staff. Whether your warehouse is big or small, it can affect your business productivity if not organised correctly. Your choice of storage solutions will significantly affect your maintenance of an organised warehouse.

If your workspace is a constant hub of movement of goods, machinery, and workers, smart storage solutions could be your need to keep things in order. An efficient storage system would help you organise inventory and de-clutter your space and give way for new inventory.

Right Storage Solutions for Your Warehouse

Undoubtedly, the right storage system can truly make a world of difference to your warehousing inventory management. Your warehouse functions will run smoothly if you control your inventory and organise your stock effectively.

For start-ups and small businesses in eCommerce and retail, our storage units can serve the dual purpose of inventory storage and performing fulfilment duties. Moreover, business owners can even conveniently carry out order fulfilment duties in their storage units, such as receiving and processing material and stock, picking and filling orders from stock, packing and shipping of orders, and even stock management and organisation. 

These storage units offer air-con units with complete privacy for any business calls with suppliers or customers. There is sufficient parking space available with moving equipment with 24/7 access and CCTV surveillance. Our industrial rental units have helped business owners and start-ups grow with efficient management and inventory control.

Work+Store Storage Solutions for Business Warehousing

Our basic and business storage solutions provide storage options for small business needs, like inventory item storage for eCommerce or packaging businesses or a small-scale start-up venturing into the market. In addition, Work+Store also offers solutions for self storage in Singapore for goods storage and performing various fulfilment duties. 

Let us quickly peek at the available storage options with Work+Store. We understand different businesses have different warehouse requirements. Your nature of business and sales volume will affect the storage type you choose. Work+Store offers basic storage and business storage in varying sizes. 

Small Storage Units

If you are a small business starting out, you will naturally have a small inventory. For your convenience, we provide small storage units in the range of 100 sq ft to 199 sq ft area where you can store your business goods or warehouse material.

Medium Storage Unit

For businesses operating at a slightly higher inventory level, like e-retailers or small businesses, we offer our medium storage unit covering 200 sq ft to 299 sq ft. So, if you are looking for a small warehousing solution or want to move your inventory from your office space to somewhere else so that you can create more space, this storage unit would be your best bet.  

Large Storage Units

If your business has scaled up and you need ample storage space for warehousing your goods or non-perishable raw material, Work+Store offers large business storage units. They are available in the range of 300 sq ft to 399 sq ft and are fitted with lighting and aircon and provide sufficient warehousing space. Storage units with both mezzanine and non-mezzanine levels are available for your convenience.

Get the best from our warehouse storage solutions.

You can use modular drawers, storage bins, racks, and shelves to store your products. Here are some tips to maximise your storage space in the storage units.

Use Drawers

A modular drawer system is excellent for storing and accessing small and mid-sized products that can be comfortably packed in drawers. With these storage drawers, you can maximise cubic space use and get organised and secure storage. You can rent a convenient temporary storage space in Singapore and arrange a storage area with drawers or shelves. You can then place your small warehouse goods in this setup.


Employ Static and Mobile Shelves

You can arrange for both static and mobile shelves where you can store goods as per your need. Static shelves stay fixed in one place and will be a good option for holding lightweight items. However, they require more manual labour for loading and unloading goods.

Mobile shelves provide smart storage solutions with compact archive storage with shelves or lockers. The storage area is not fixed and mounted on mobile bases, sliding along rails. Here, you can store seasonal goods on the shelves that can be pulled when needed.  

Use Efficient Racking

If your business deals with carton storage or live picking, you can arrange for racks that provide a much larger storage area. You can even arrange for multi-tier pallet racking where you can assemble your goods on metallic framework shelves on skids or pallets. With pallet racking, you get warehouse storage solutions that are optimised for the stacking of materials. As a result, you can store more without taking up additional floor space using vertical racks.

This is an apt choice for a wide range of industrial sectors that deal with the storage of mass consumption products, like IT items, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and car industry articles. It will cover all your warehouse rental Singapore needs. 

Work+Store: Your True Storage Partner

With basic and business solutions for storage, you get total exposure to safe storage facilities and maximising space in your office premises. Regardless of which storage solution you choose, maintain updated warehouse maps and keep inventory numbers accurate. If you are looking out for solutions to store bulky items or items out of your facility, our smart warehouse storage solutions at Work +Store can be exactly what you are looking for.

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