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Combined Work and Storage Units

Singapore Cheapest Self Storage

Our Work and Storage units are the cheapest solutions for your storage and business needs. Maximise your business productivity with our rental spaces by easily performing your order fulfilment duties in the same room where your goods are stored. As we have multiple warehouses in Singapore, you can pick the storage room at our warehouse that is most convenient for you.

The size of the Work and Storage Units ranges from 50 sqft onwards. All units are fitted with air-conditioning and lights

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Expand Your Business

With our self-storage facilities, the extra storage space will be great for companies with too much furniture, office documents and files.

If you are moving business premises, you can also store your office furniture and other supplies until your new business location is confirmed. With different unit sizes available, you can surely find a storage room that will fit all of your items.

If you only need extra space for a few boxes, odd-shaped items or bulky furniture, try our Valet Storage Service. Simply pack your boxes or individual furniture, and we will collect them from your doorstep and store them for you.

Need your items back? We offer re-delivery and self-retrieval (only one in SG to offer this!) option for your convenience.

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De-clutter Your Home

Singapore Self Storage

For clients who only want to store their items, we also offer small self-storage units at two of our facilities. By temporarily keeping your items in our storage facility, you can have more space in your home.

Our clients will have 24-hour access to their storage units, allowing them easy access to their belongings.

From the smallest mini self-storage units (1m x 0.6m) at $39/month to 4,000 sqft units, there is a wide range of sizes available for you to store any items you want.

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Need Extra Space?

Self Storage Singapore

With our excellent self storage services, you can store your extra items away in our clean and secure facilities. Regardless of your personal or business needs, opting for a storage unit is the perfect and cheapest way to find extra space in Singapore. Store your furniture or other odd-shaped bulky items such sports gear or luggage away until you need them in our storage rooms, leaving you with more space in your office or home.

Our friendly employees will gladly recommend the most appropriate storage service option for your items.

Moving Overseas & Need Interim Storage?

Self Storage

If you’re moving overseas and need some temporary storage space, we provide one of the cheapest self-storage rental services in Singapore.

If you plan to move overseas indefinitely, using our self storage units will be an excellent way to store your items temporarily until you have decided on your plans. For those that require an even smaller storage space, we also offer valet storage for boxes, odd-shaped items and individual furniture, as well as mini self-storage units (lockers).

Work and Storage Units for Startups

Storage Company Singapore

Startups can take advantage of the 24-hour access to our Work and Storage units to work at odd hours. By opting for our Work and Storage units, you can also save travelling time to an external storage unit, as all the items you need are located in the same place as your workspace. To ensure that all our clients can work in a comfortable environment, all our Work and Storage Units are air-conditioned and come with a power point.

They are available in a range of sizes from small rooms to larger units, thus catering to different needs.

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