3 Foolproof Ways To Remain Focused While Working From Home

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in most employees having to start working from their respective homes – the majority aren’t allowed to commute to their workplace and office from their workspaces. This has been implemented to prevent the spread of the disease, since social distancing is the best method for now to follow.

Hence, working from home is the only method by which you can ensure that you continue to complete your tasks, but at the same time, control the spread of the disease. However, working from one’s own house all the time can come with distractions, unproductiveness, and even a cycle of negative thinking.

Therefore, to get your head in the game yet stay positive while working from home – we’ve put together a few steps you can follow.

Pinpoint a space as your workplace

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Cheap Office Space For Lease

When you work from home, it is essential that you first identify a dedicated space in your home as your workplace. It could be your own room, the living room, or even the kitchen – depending on where your productivity level is at its highest. Keep it well-organised, decluttered, and comfortable so you can perform to your best ability while working.

Likewise, once your business is officially allowed to resume operations again – you may have to consider looking for a new, cheap office space for lease; its size depending on whether you’re planning to upgrade or downsize your workplace. At Work+Store, we even provide the cheapest self-storages and workspaces 24/7 CCTV surveillance and accessibility so your space is well-secured and the safety of your staff is ensured. To emphasise on the former point, we can assist in your downsizing or expansion plans – be it for a self-storage or workspace through our flexible lease terms, which is inclusive of short term lease and transferring your contract to other types of products or services found in our premises, or even our parent company, LHN Group, where you’ll come across a broad range consisting of: pop-up shop venue rental, vending machine locations, and many other options.

Settle on the right seat

Comfort is optimal, which is why ergonomics, structure, and the material of your chair plays a huge role in how productive you can be while working. Selecting the right seat means that you will not be shifting continuously to find a comfortable position. Moreover, it should resemble the seat in your workplace so that you have the look and feel of your work. A comfortable chair will make it easier for you to concentrate on your work and allow you to clock in the same number of hours from home as you would do while in your workplace.

After your business reopens, the business space for rent which you have decided upon should also have additional facilities included, so you can save costs and focus your finances on other parts of your business. We offer workspaces finely equipped with standard facilities – air conditioning, a powerpoint, and lighting. Work+Store offers 10 different locations when it comes to workplace selection – namely Upper Thomson, Tampines, Ang Mo Kio, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Bukit Merah, Kallang, Pasir Panjang, Bartley, and Aljunied. At this current moment, there is an ongoing rent-free offer at our Aljunied location to get hold of more savings. In addition, you get the privilege to enjoy free usage of the meeting rooms provided. So, do contact any one of our staff to acquire more details regarding the promotion. Terms and conditions apply.

Choose a well-lit place as your workplace

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Cheap Office Space For Lease

The COVID-19 crisis can prove to be taxing, both physically and mentally. In such a scenario, it is essential to keep in mind that you must keep your mind occupied with work. You must also ensure that you do not unnecessarily strain your eyes while working as that can prove to be very taxing. For that, your workplace must be well-lit. A well-lit workplace will make it easier for you to stay focused on your work and uplift your mood at the same time.

The more conducive environment, the better the productiveness, and the same applies to your workspace. With the cheapest self storages and workspaces on hand, with storage units ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft, workspaces beginning from 88 sqft, Work+Store aspires to help you in finding the perfect business space for lease. Moreover, our workspaces can also function as an ancillary office, meaning that multiple activities such as industrial or manufacturing-wise can be done in one place within a conducive working environment. The unique combination of a workspace and self storage space has allowed for heightened efficiency in terms of goods acquisition and eases logistics processes tremendously to provide much satisfactory customer service.

The key to staying at the top of your game whilst working is through the design of your personal workspace. Once you have successfully discovered the right way to create and design your space – staying focus is as simple as that.

Circuit Breaker has finally come to an end – however, it doesn’t mean that all businesses will be able to return to the workplace as per usual. The majority may still have to remain working from home, meaning that double the effort must be put into maintaining productivity with the longer duration of time spent at home. While that is the case for most organisations, Work+Store’s operations will still be continuing as per normal. In other words, existing tenants will still be allowed access to your respective spaces with us – so long as the Phase 1 guidelines from the implemented three-phased approach from the government is adhered to. So, let us all join our hands together as we do the bare minimum of wearing our masks, social distancing, and staying in the pink during these times.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!