3 Handy Tips for Planning a Successful House Remodel

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Ask any homeowner in Singapore if there is anything they would like to improve or change about their homes and chances are, you will get an endless wish list. Even people living in big houses and modern apartments have strong reasons to go for remodelling. Whether it is a lack of space or perhaps some structural changes that need to be addressed, home remodelling is a daunting task that needs full attention and planning before you proceed. With Chinese New Year around the corner, you may be doing spring cleaning or even considering giving your house a revamp. In that case, here are three handy tips you can use to ensure a successful home remodelling project:

Know Your End Goal

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There is nothing wrong in dreaming about turning your home into a palace, but you have to think realistically and come up with a plan that is based on your current needs, available resources, and existing ground realities. If you are serious about pursuing your dream and remodelling your home the way you want but do not have enough financial resources, you can renovate your home in stages. Having a clear understanding of the real motive behind renovating your home will help you decide how deep to go with your remodelling project.

Know Your Budget Limits

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For minor home improvement projects, you can usually rely on your savings. However, for bigger renovation projects, you will most likely approach a bank or other financial institution for a home renovation loan. There are several options you can use to get the necessary funds needed to renovate your home. You can consider the equity you have accumulated over the years in your home, look for low-interest rate loans, use your credit card or use a line of credit. If you run into unexpected and unfunded last minute expenses, as they often pop up in many home remodelling projects, you can even opt for an unsecured personal loan with higher interest rates but quick approval time. Whatever the case, go through all your options and have a clear understanding of the amount you want to invest in your home remodelling project.

Know Where To Put Your Belongings

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Most remodelling projects involve emptying the place so that the contractors can perform the renovation tasks easily. This may require you to arrange extra space to store your valuable belongings. Even if you are simply doing a Chinese New Year spring-cleaning, relocating your bulky and unnecessary belongings will facilitate a much smoother cleaning process for you. You can always look to self storage facilities as a solution. At Work+Store, we offer self storage units, valet storage services and even locker storages for storing your personal belongings until you are done with your home remodelling project. Our Work +Store valet storage service, ‘You Pack, We Pick Up’, provides temporary storage coupled with transportation to pick up the items for storage without having you leave the comfort of your home. Simply call 8722 8000 to make arrangements for the pick up when you have put aside the belongings you wish to store. There may be some things in your home that are temperature sensitive and may require special care while storing. For such sensitive things, you can always let our personnel know your preference or get their advice on which unit is the best to store your delicate items.

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