3 Reasons Why You Should Run A Business From Storage Units

Cheapest Self Storages, Self Storage Singapore

Before you even start planning on how to design or furnish your workspace – the first thing you’ll need is the actual location itself.

However, as easy as it sounds – establishing a startup can take a lot of effort and work. Especially if you’re thinking about owning a space at the very start – it can take a huge chunk out of your beginning capital. Which is why many people turn to alternative solutions – such as a self-storage to enjoy the immense benefits that it provides.

With that being said, there are many reasons why you start looking towards storage rental – and below we have listed a couple. Read on to find out more.

Save costs

When you are a startup – you’ll need to raise sufficient capital for your company before anything else. And as said earlier, owning a space can be rather expensive – you should rent an affordable business space instead. These spaces simply follow a monthly rental system for your workspace and even let you enjoy extra storage.

Moreover, you are getting both workspace and storage space together in one place – there’s no need to inconvenience yourself and travel out of your way anymore. If you happen to be on the lookout for storage space, Work+Store has the cheapest self-storages which ranges from 6 sqft to 730 sqft – all available at all-inclusive rates, which means no more unpredictable utility or facility fee. And as you share them together in one space, you are also boosting efficiency in goods procurement and easing logistic procedures to meet customers’ requirements.

Basic facilities

Cheapest Self Storages, Self Storage Singapore

Nowadays, storage units which are workspaces at the same time provide all sorts of essential facilities, and the main advantage is that you don’t have to invest a large amount for all these. Moreover, with the right facilities on hand from the very start – it enhances the working environment and boosts employee productivity to carry out tasks more effectively.

At Work+Store, you can enjoy a plethora of basic facilities such as lighting, air conditioning, and a powerpoint across all our workspaces. This means you need not worry about taking out extra expenses, and can limit your focus to decorating your workspace to your desired theme or design. Our workspaces start from 88 sqft onwards and even come with 24-hour camera surveillance and accessibility. In that way, you can always access your unit whenever you wish to, and be able to have maximum security for your workspace. You can pick from our 10 locations found across Singapore – such as Pasir Panjang, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Kallang, Upper Thomson, Aljunied, Bukit Merah, Bartley, Tampines and Ang Mo Kio. Look out for our Aljunied location as we are having a rent-free promotion right now to help you save up more for other business needs. Contact us for more details. Terms and conditions apply.


Cheapest Self Storages, Self Storage Singapore

The most important factor that is taken care of when you start working from a new workspace is the peace of mind; mentally you are not bogged down by the huge investment you made when setting up your business. In other words, not only does it have to be costworthy – but lease terms should be flexible too.

At Work+Store, both our self storages and workspaces offer short term lease so you can decide when you want a change of workspace. In addition, we have the cheapest self storages so you can find the right space which accommodates your budget. Besides that, we also provide contract transfer to other kinds of services or products within our establishment or even our parent company, LHN Group, comprising a variety such as commercial and industrial units, serviced offices and apartments, pop-up store location rental, and event venues.

The benefits of storage units are endless – whether it’s acting as a workspace too or helping startups save costs – they are the perfect option for businesses looking for a new kind of workspace.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!