3 Simple Solutions To Switch Up Your Small Workspace

Regardless of whether you’re a startup with insufficient capital to acquire a large workspace or a growing business requiring more room for new employees; the common challenge remains the same – lack of workspace.

As such employers have to constantly find creative ways to make full use of the limited space to provide a comfortable yet productive environment for the office staff. While one alternative is to go for a self-storage – there are other methods you can try out as well.

Below, we will be suggesting a couple of solutions you can use to change things up a little and maximise your limited workspace.

Incorporate vertical stacking

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Adjusting the massive furniture seating arrangement as a result of the limited area is difficult. While it is possible to change your choice of furniture and purchase new ones – it is costly. Here is where the placement of other office items and essentials come in.
The most obvious use of vertical space is to start decluttering by arranging papers, documents and files neatly.

Put aside some time to organise all these items once again and if possible – categorise them. Not only will this help to tidy up the clutter but let you keep track of all your items. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a change of pace or a new workspace – you could try combining work and storage space together. At Work+Store, we have the cheapest self-storages from 88 sqft onwards which come with containers so you can store such items as mentioned above. As for our workspaces, you’ll be able to enjoy 24-hour accessibility and camera surveillance. We also offer flexible lease terms – such as short term lease, contract transfer to various products and services within our company or even our parent company, LHN Group, consisting of event venues, pop-up store location rentals, serviced offices and apartments and vending machine spots.

Keep to a small work station

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It is an excellent idea to decorate your desk and spruce it up with tiny details – be it with magnets, post-it notes, photographs, and so forth. After all, your desk’s design is in your own hands, and you should decorate it in a way that reflects your personality.

However, not every item on your desk is a necessity, and all of them adding up together can be the cause for your mess and clutter. In other words, you may need to enlarge your work station or at the very least, create extra storage. For instance, it could already come with several file cabinets or even a pencil drawer.

Redecorate your pantry space

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The pantry is the stress-free place for people to take a break, have a meal or even do their work at. But if you take a closer look at your pantry space; you may realise that items such as snacks, beverages, cups and plates are taking up quite a bit of room. Even with the cupboards or fridge, there’s still an excessive number of items found at every corner.

You may need to start considering a complete revamp to reorganise your pantry items and furniture to identify any space you can make full use of. On the other hand, if your entire workspace requires more room to hold extra goods or office documents; it may be time to opt for extra storage such as self-storages. It’ll be perfect for extra spaces such as a pantry room or a ‘relax’ corner as well. Our workspaces; ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft also includes other perks such as equipped air conditioning, lighting and a powerpoint to cover your basic necessities before you search for other equipment or facilities. Moreover, if you’re a business owner who is concerned about accessibility – our workspaces can be found across 10 locations comprising Kallang, Bukit Merah, Tampines, Pasir Panjang, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Aljunied, Upper Thomson and Ang Mo Kio. Look towards our Aljunied location if you’re nearby the establishment as it’s having a rent-free promotion so you get to save more. Contact us for more details. Terms and conditions apply.

To fully maximise your limited workspace; it’s always best you invest in proper space management. While numerous storage facilities can help to make a small workspace much more comfortable and productive – your own effort and ideas play a part in making full use of your existing space!

We offer the cheapest self storages in Singapore, comprising storage and workspace rental. As we put together work and storage space, we strive to help businesses smoothen out logistic procedures and boost efficiency in goods procurement with our workspaces.

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