3 Smart Hacks To Increase Storage Area In Workspaces

Extra Space Storage, Self Storage Singapore

Design and organisation come hand in hand, together, they’ll create a stunning workspace where you can find anything in a breeze. Additionally, a neat and tidy workspace will give your workspace a clean and airy appearance. This astounding combination will even be the key to attaining extra storage space within your workplace.

Read on to discover the different, clever ways you can incorporate into your existing space and gain more storage.

Use partitions and screens

Extra Space Storage, Self Storage Singapore

After you’ve chosen the ideal business space, focus on organising the space adequately so that all your employees have their office desks with sufficient space to themselves. This can be easily done by putting up partitions and screens. An increase in storage space aside, it also adds on to the aesthetic appeal and gives a sense of personal privacy.

Besides privacy, the safety of your employees and workspace is just as important. Across our self-storages and workspaces, there’s complete accessibility and security round-the-clock. Work+Store has the cheapest self storages and workspaces, whereby our unit sizes are from 6 sqft to 730 sqft for storage rooms, and starts from 88 sqft when it comes to our workspaces. We are able to offer lease terms which are flexible enough to accommodate your ever-changing business needs. You can enjoy a short period of lease,in and you have the choice of transferring your contract to numerous other kinds of services or products within our establishment or even our parent company, LHN Group, whereby you can select from a wide array including serviced apartments and office, pop-up shop venue rental, event location, and many others.

Organise your desk

Extra Space Storage, Self Storage Singapore

While you may choose to opt for a larger workspace and incorporate multi-purpose furniture to increase storage space – it may not be quite enough. So, encourage employees to take part in the efforts of expanding storage space by suggesting various ideas or bringing in the tools. For instance, have them work on cord control by giving out cable ties. Or you could also provide desk organisers and drawer dividers to maximise storage space.

On the other hand, ensuring that employees’ day-to-day needs are met is crucial in improving workplace productivity. Work+Store has workspaces which are well-equipped with standard facilities like lighting, air conditioning, and a powerpoint. While focusing on the interiors of your space is of paramount importance to your business – so is convenience. We have 10 locations with a business or office space for rent, the list including Ang Mo Kio, Pasir Panjang, Tampines, Bukit Merah, Kallang, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Aljunied, Upper Thomson, and Bartley. Meanwhile, as for our spaces in our Aljunied – there’s a rent-free offer whereby you get to enjoy the first 2 months for free when you book a space. Additional details and information can be acquired with a simple call via our hotline. Terms and conditions apply.

Set up a separate server room

Extra Space Storage, Self Storage Singapore

A self-storage would be ideal in managing work tasks and getting more room, but you’ll need to do a little more than to have a spacious and comfortable workspace. Consider setting up a separate server room, it will not encroach upon the main workspace. All of the servers, wires, and other electronic items will be stored in a separate storage area, thereby increasing the overall storage space of your work. It also proves to be a labour-effective solution because if all the servers are in one place – more than one employee can access these at the same time.

Meanwhile, you also need a space that allows you to handle all your tasks at one go. For Work+Store’s workspaces, they can also operate as ancillary office which lets you juggle in between several tasks like warehousing duties, sales or marketing tasks, and inventory taking. We provide businesses with the cheapest self-storages and workspaces, so your dream business is within your reach and budget. Joining work and storage space together brings forward a unique innovation that makes logistics processes easier to handle and gives a boost to efficiency when it comes to goods acquisition, eventually, allowing you to meet customers’ demands smoothly as well.

Insufficient storage space can lead to a drop in employee productivity levels and have the entire workspace to appear cluttered and unpresentable towards clients. At the same time, a well-organised space with more than enough storage will make it easier for your employees to move about and work. So, organise your workspace appropriately to improve efficiency as well.

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