3 Ways Your Business Enjoys Flexibility With Storage Units

3 Ways Your Business Enjoys Flexibility With Storage Units

When searching for a suitable space, it’s important to select one that’s according to your business requirements. More importantly, it should be both affordable and flexible; so, your operational expenses are not affected, and neither is your business growth over time.

Additionally, an ideal self-storage space should be able to accommodate your business and storage needs – whether your business is using the space for short or long-term. In other words, selecting the right storage unit carefully is vital for your business in the long run; particularly, one aspect with a huge role is flexibility – as it determines whether your business can grow steadily without a hitch.

So, read on further to understand why storage spaces that offer flexibility can help your business.

Downsize the office

Just as how storage spaces can help you expand your business, they also prove to be helpful when you’re looking to downsize your business. Downsizing is particularly needed when your business encounters financial difficulties – such as poor inventory turnover or an industry decline. As such, to stay ahead of these incidents – the storage company that you’ve reached out to should offer spaces with flexible service terms.

In Work+Store’s case, we offer the most affordable self-storages and storing and packing units with flexible service terms. Sizes begin from 6 sqft and vary up until 730 sqft for storage spaces, while storing and packing units’ sizes start from 88 sqft onwards. Meanwhile, Work+Store users who have a storage unit with us can opt to upgrade or downsize their unit whenever they want to. Our flexible service terms include short period of space usage and a wide range of contract transfer options, either from our services or products within our property or even our parent corporation, LHN Group, like serviced apartment, commercial and industrial spaces, and so forth.

Storing merchandise

Potentially, you could have a surplus of inventory that you have yet to sell off, or a huge batch of stock is coming in to fulfil a large customer order; either way, you’ll need extra storage space to keep such goods. Hence, why it makes a good reason to consider looking at a self storage for better inventory tracking and management. Through this storage solution, you’ll also receive ample security over your space, ensuring a secured unit at all times.

Additionally, Work+Store offers our Zero Deposit Guarantee programme that’s open to eligible businesses. With the cost saving from the deposit, you could channel it for other business purposes. On the other hand, selected Work+Store units offer complimentary coverage for utilities, air conditioning and lightings. As for locations, we have units across Singapore – including Pasir Panjang, Ang Mo Kio, Kallang, 100 Eunos, Aljunied, Bukit Merah, Bartley, and Tampines. Meanwhile, interested business owners can consider renting a space at our Kallang location and enjoy up to 1 month waiver and 15% off the unit cost. At the same time, you’ll also get to enjoy the newly refurnished spaces and the nearby canteen that’s only a 3 minutes-walk away. Do approach our staff for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

Business operations

Be it for ecommerce or marketing purpose, a self storage can easily help you behind the scenes. For example, if you want to advertise your products against an exciting backdrop – you can use our shared facilities in Work+Store that include a photography studio with free usage for your product photography purposes. At the same time, our storage units can be used to keep your inventory and pack your goods for shipment once you receive an order for them. With a storage space, business operations can be managed easily without increasing your operational expenses extensively.

At Work+Store, not only do we help you fulfil business requirements, but we also offer the most affordable self storages and storing and packing spaces to match your budget. In addition, spaces come with round-the-clock accessibility and CCTV surveillance. With our spaces, we assist in matters of logistics and goods acquisition for your business to provide seamless customer service.

Storage spaces allow businesses to enjoy flexibility through multiple ways – from service terms up to unit sizes.

Getting the right space at your fingertips will allow you to reduce your expenses and focus on growing your business. However, while revenue and growth are important; so is employee safety and well-being. Staying in line with the imposed rules and regulations by the government is one basic step you can take in establishing safe working conditions for your staff. When every individual contributes with their own effort, we can create a safer and healthier nation together.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!

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