4 Amazing Storage Ideas For Your Small Workspace

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Extra Storage

According to the latest designing trends, the small size of your office need come into the way of creating storage space. Especially when you look at it from a different perspective, you’ll realise that a little challenge will make the office redecoration even more exciting.

These days, even alternative spaces like self-storages are making the revamp a whole lot easier. They don’t just give you a workspace, but it’s one which comes with extra storage.

If you still think that storage space can be a limiting factor for small-sized offices, think again. With these amazing storage ideas, even your small workspace will deliver huge storage solutions. Read on to find out how you can convert every inch of available space into functional space.

Vertical stacking

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Extra Storage

These days, office furniture is available in vertical stacking designs that offer ample storage without the need for additional floor space.

Look for office furniture that is stackable. This type of furniture is an excellent tool to keep your office organised and uncluttered. The problem with horizontal spreading is that you use up valuable floor space that is a limitation for small offices. Therefore, if you are tight on budget and tight on floor space, vertical stacking will be your saviour.

Multipurpose office furniture

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Extra Storage

Gone are the days when a single item of furniture served just one purpose. You can tremendously increase the storage of your workspace by investing in multipurpose and ergonomic office furniture. You will find a huge variety of such furniture that allows the employees to work seamlessly when needed, and gets neatly stacked in a corner, below another piece of furniture, or behind bigger items. This not only gives a neat and uncluttered appeal to your small workspace, but also gives more room for movement, better ventilation, and fresh ambience.

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Door panels

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Extra Storage

Those sturdy door panels have much more potential than being used for hanging overcoats. With some smart thinking, you will be able to find a better use of door panels. If you do it right, they might even be the perfect solution to your storage troubles for your workspace rental.

Use them for charting out timelines, assigning tasks for employees, pinning memos and notes, and think of other creative ways to use it. You will be surprised by how functional this otherwise-ignored space is.

Room dividers

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Extra Storage

This is perhaps the most popular idea for small offices. Instead of creating separate spaces for meeting and discussion, it is prudent to invest in room dividers that instantly create a separate space unit for your purpose. When you are done with the required, all you have to do is to simply fold it back.

But saving doesn’t just lie in your equipment; it’s always best you do it right from the very start before you get your workspace. As one of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore, Work+Store offers both large and small business space for rent at an affordable rate. Our workspaces are available in sizes starting from 88 sqft onwards, providing a wide range of options for businesses looking to work and store at the same place. Additionally, these spaces are equipped with air-conditioning, lighting, powerpoint, 24-hour camera surveillance and accessibility, so tenants are able to visit their unit whenever they desire. Our alternative and innovative solutions for sharing storage and workspace are here to help you handle goods procurement and logistic processes effectively to meet your customers’ needs.

These are just some of the ideas that have gained immense popularity in workspaces. More and more rental spaces are including these ideas and offering highly functional rented workspaces. Keep exploring and make use of the ideas which help your business best!

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