4 Beautiful Theme Ideas for Your Solemnization Celebration

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It is easy to feel overwhelmed to choose a theme idea that reflects you and your partner for your solemnisation day. Your chosen theme should also suit your venue as well so as to create a more cohesive look. Self-storages in Singapore offer event space rental that is perfect and flexible enough to achieve the look and feel you are going for.

Take the time and reflect on what you truly like so that your solemnisation theme will reflect you best. With so many ideas available online today, you can easily gain inspiration to make your solemnization day memorable. You can consider these five beautiful theme ideas for your celebration.

The Love Boat

How about a voyager theme? Set your solemnization celebration on a cruise deck theme and décor. Picture the grand ballroom in the Titanic movie where you can throw a similar elegant, fun-filled affair. Liaise with the party planner or décor provider to set-up the perfect boat ambiance. You can achieve this romantic theme and incorporate elements of this iconic and historic film without having to spend big on a real-life boat or a yacht. Event space rentals offered by self-storages in Singapore can certainly provide the flexibility to materialise your planning ideas in mind.

Favourite Hobby

Maybe pastimes and hobbies had played a role in your love story. Maybe your unique interests had drawn you two together in the beginning, or you have bonded over shared hobbies that results in a blossoming romance. Why not incorporate some elements of that into your special day and celebrate the power couple that you are?

Showcase your individual personalities and shared interests with a personalised celebration. Whether you’re adventurous, artistic or into music, your guests will appreciate learning about you and your partner. You do not need to break the bank either with event space rental. You can find the cheapest self storages in Singapore that offer affordable wedding venues and budget solemnisation venues so you can save more to spend on décor and other details.

Garden Theme

Garden weddings are hugely popular. The beautiful greenery makes the perfect backdrop along with rays of sunshine that will leave your event looking picturesque. However, in sunny Singapore it may be uncomfortable to deal with the humidity and hot weather. Why not bring your garden theme indoors to an event space rental in Singapore’s cheapest self-storages? You can enjoy the comfort of the air conditioning and still incorporate flowers, plants, and green leaves in centrepieces and décor for your desired theme.

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