4 Creative Workspace Décor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space

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The best work space is the one that inspires you to keep working from the start till the end of your shift – pumped with energy. However, designing a workspace is often an overlooked task; people don’t pay much attention to the workspace.

If you look it from a different perspective, the work space is where you spend most of your day carrying out regular business activities. In actuality, your work decoration and design have plenty to do with your work. As mentioned before, work décor can boost your motivation and multiply the firm’s productivity.

The good news is that you can renovate your workspace without having to spend a fortune on the décor portion. Here are a couple of innovative ideas to design the perfect workspace.

Pick modern furniture

Extra Storage, Self Storage Singapore

On the Internet, you can derive inspirations for workspace décor ideas from many different platforms such as Pinterest and Etsy. You will be able to find many contemporary designs – all you need to do is conduct a bit of research to acquire modern and beautiful furniture pieces that blend with your work theme seamlessly. Lounges, sofas, multi-purpose chairs are some modern furniture pieces that can spruce up your space.

Before you start preparing for the move – it’s important that you choose a good and accessible workspace location where there are convenient road routes to make the moving process easier. At Work+Store, we have the cheapest self storages and workspaces which start at 6 sqft and goes up to 730 sqft, whereas storage units start from 88 sqft onwards. Our workspaces are available in 10 locations across Singapore – including Ang Mo Kio, Tampines, Upper Thomson, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Aljunied, Bukit Merah, Bartley, Pasir Panjang and Kallang. If you’re planning to start a business and save in the beginning, our workspaces at Aljunied are having a rent-free promotion. We are even able to provide free parking and usage of meeting rooms Talk to our staff for any enquiries you have in mind. Terms and conditions apply.

Use art for the work walls

Extra Storage, Self Storage Singapore

A stunning piece of artwork can complement the rest of your space brilliantly – be it furniture, walls, or decorations. A fun and vibrant art piece will be a cost-effective creative solution to conventional and dull-coloured walls. Moreover, it is the best way to balance the neutral colours and furniture. You can contact local artists to customise an art piece for your work or buy the latest artworks online.

To help manage your work expenses – we offer also offer standard facilities like a powerpoint, air conditioning, and lighting. In addition to providing extra storage, our spaces – be it self storages or workspaces are able to function as an ancillary work to help you juggle in between administrative and industrial activities.

Choose the right colours

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Before you go into your selection of colours – decide on the theme for your workspace first. If you’re interested in a more striking appearance for your workspace – you should go for bright and contrasting colours. Try to add your brand’s colour in the work colour décor theme to maintain consistency. This will create a great psychological impact on your employees and staff.

Our workspaces and storage spaces provide round-the-clock accessibility so you can enter the premises whenever you desire to decorate, paint or apply your wallpapers. This also includes 24-hour CCTV surveillance so you can keep track of the decoration process. On the other hand, we are also pretty flexible when it comes to our lease terms – we are able to offer short term lease and contract transfer to all kinds of services and products within Work+Store. The broad range of selection you can interchange between our workspaces or self-storages consist of industrial and commercial units, pop-up store location rental, event locations, and so on.

Add rugs

Extra Storage, Self Storage Singapore

You don’t always have to install physical barriers everywhere in your workspace – placing rugs in place of them will outline certain rooms or places in your workplace. It’s especially useful for larger workspaces with different departments. Likewise, smaller workspaces can also make use of rugs. It will accentuate your furniture and add life to your space.

At Work+Store, we are able to provide the cheapest self-storages and workspaces for businesses looking to switch up their workspace or move into a new one. When you combine storage rental with a workspace, this helps in efficiency-wise tremendously when it comes to both logistics processes and goods procurement. In turn, this will impact the customer service provided positively.

With the right décor ideas, you can easily beautify your workspace and create an entirely different environment that will help boost workplace productivity. You can incorporate these ideas for a start and come up with some of your own once the decorating begins.

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