4 Effortless Ways To Fully Maximise A Limited Workspace

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Your workspace should have a clear identity that gives employees a constant reminder of why they’re here and why they should feel associated with the company. The more time you spend at your desk, the more critical it is for you to have a productive workplace. In other words, you have to maximise your crunched space with innovative ideas. If not, it’s about time you switch it up with a self-storage to gather extra storage for all your office essentials!

Regardless of your business; rapid growth in goals, profit and team is what any organisation will want to achieve. Limited space and a small workspace don’t always have to be a disadvantage – you can easily make your space feel bigger and introduce other factors to make employees more comfortable!

Try out any of these ways to maximise workspace so you can control your layout, space, and improve the overall quality of your workplace.

Make use of existing facilities

Good lighting is essential to increase employee happiness. Likewise, designing a healthy and comfortable office environment is just as important. Minor investments can modify your office into a more productive workspace. For you to achieve your desired environment, you’ll need to focus on the quality of lighting, food, proper ventilation and quality heating-and-cooling system. All these will also be contributing factors to making your workspace feel more spacious and vibrant.

In other words, this means you’ll need a workspace which already offers the required facilities. At Work+Store, we have workspaces which come equipped with lighting, air conditioning and even a powerpoint. Starting from 88 sqft onwards, you can go for a small or large unit depending on your business needs. What’s more, you’ll be able to find a suitable workspace no matter where you’re at as they can be found in 10 locations all over Singapore comprising Tampines, Upper Thomson, Bukit Merah, Bartley, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Aljunied, Ang Mo Kio, Pasir Panjang and Bartley. Currently, our Aljunied location has a rent-free promotion to help you save more for other office needs. Approach us for more details. Terms and conditions apply.

Adjustable furniture

When it comes to office furniture, picking those that are ergonomically designed will help to promote your health. Specific examples include desks, keyboards, computer chairs and footrests, which are typically the main focus of ergonomic furniture. Most office workers will have to use such products for a long period of time, so it’s all the more crucial for it to be properly adjusted to one’s requirements – such as height, eye level and back support. Using poorly designed office furniture will only make your employees suffer from lethargicness, cause strain on their bodies and raise stress levels.

Try your best to get multi-functional furniture to boost office productivity and work performance. You could even stock up on spare ergonomically designed furniture in alternative spaces like self storages for expansion purposes in the future. At Work+Store, we provide businesses with the cheapest self storages ranging from 6 sq ft to 730 sq ft for you to pick from! They even come with all-inclusive rates, so you need not worry about any additional utilities or facility fees. In an event where you would like to switch out your workspace for another product or service, we also offer flexible lease terms including contract transfers to serviced offices and apartments, vending machine spots and event venues.

Get rid of clutter

Find out exactly what your office necessities are and prepare to start cleaning up your workspace. Sort, move and donate things you want to keep or drop them off. Identify the purpose of every single furniture, equipment or accessory you have, then go for temporary storage if you still require them in the future.

Having a workspace that is free of clutter will be pleasant to work with for employees. All it takes is making your small workspace comfortable and productive for your employees with creative ideas. Manage proper space management in a compact area, and you will see the difference.

Design creatively

Just like the right use of furniture and sufficient facilities – design has an equal part to play in maximising your workspace. Adding motivational posters or designing your office the same shades as your logo can have a positive effect.If you have a small space, little change can make your employees feel more relaxed in a better workplace environment.

Simple things like a brighter splash of blue or yellow paint over your walls can spruce up your workspace easily. So, design your workspace accordingly – make your workspace feel larger and happier! For you to do that effortlessly, you can look towards our workspaces which allow you to design your interiors to your heart’s desire. You can even enjoy round-the-clock accessibility and camera surveillance, so you are able to access the premises whenever you need to. What’s more, this perk lets you design your workspace without any time restriction.

Whether it’s a future expansion, change of workspace or limited available room; all these will affect your work environment and performance. At the end of the day, you have to start switching up a couple of things to make the most of your workspace.

At Work+Store, we offer some of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore with storage and workspace rental. As you put these two together – work and storage space – logistic processes and goods procurements improve significantly and positively impact customers’ experience.

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