4 Factors To Make The Most Of Your Workspace

An ideal office is one where both the employer and the employees are happy. Employers are delighted when employees are productive and the office is running seamlessly. Likewise, employees are equally happy when they are not burdened and are able to complete their tasks on time.

When it comes to these aspects, the layout and overall ambience of an office have a big role to play. One may not realise, but the way an office is designed is instrumental in deciding its productivity.

Here are some great tips and tricks to make the most of your available workspace.

Natural elements

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Including some natural elements, for example, potted plants are a great way to incorporate the ‘feel-good’ factor that drives employee productivity. In addition, they also serve to enhance the ambience of small workspaces. A simple way to do this is to keep natural greens wherever possible, without hampering the workflow.

Include as much natural greens as possible outside the windows, on balconies or at the entrances. Many indoor plants make excellent office décor. Miniature plants may be kept on desks and in the restrooms to add natural elements to any working environment, such as a self-storage facility.

Use open spaces wisely

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The design of the office should be such that there are plenty of open spaces for employees to move around. Especially if you are opting for a small office for rent to save more, there is a need to implement several alternatives in this direction. For example, opting for multipurpose furniture, foldable furniture, vertical stacking and so on can maximise available space.

In addition, tools such as foldable partitioning systems and glass partitioning also lend a perception of increased space. These ideas are simple yet effective in making full use of your space to include as much office furniture and work materials as possible. For you to implement all these brilliant ideas and multipurpose furniture, you could start with a self-storage facility. Our warehouse and storage facilities, coupled with our innovative solutions, allow you to combine storage and workspace together for a more convenient working lifestyle. Work+Store also offers short term lease and flexible contract transfers to other services or products within our spaces or our parent company, LHN Group – including vending machine spots, commercial and industrial units, event venue, serviced office and apartment.

Colour scheme

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Bright and inviting colour scheme has the power to add the illusion of space to small offices. In addition, the colour scheme of an office also plays a role in boosting the motivation of employees. Therefore, one should incorporate earthy, natural and welcoming colours in an office to tap its maximum potential, in terms of space as well as productivity.

Ventilation and natural lighting

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Natural lighting and ventilation are important for a worker’s efficiency and well-being. Working in dingy, cramped spaces is uninviting and results in poor productivity. Therefore, effort must be put in creating workspaces that score high on ventilation and natural lighting. Other simple methods for you to promote ventilation and natural lighting also include placing work stations close to the windows, installing big windows, and ensuring a uniform air circulation. Well-lit rooms also appear to be bigger, and that’s why almost every workspace is resorting to these tips.

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