4 Ideas to Create More Visual Space in Your Office

Singapore has plenty of small living and office spaces for rent and is infamous for them seeing how small they can be. Some might say that it’s the current trend while others may choose it in an effort to live in minimalism. However, the cost of property and the natural space limitations in Singapore is a leading contributor to plenty of cramped office spaces.

While demanding for more physical space may not always be feasible nor practical, why not try creating more visual space? Workspaces should be able to promote movement throughout the day for you to sit, stand and walk around. Within such a stimulating work environment, this can counteract the eight hours of sitting and helps the mind focus while alleviating mental stress.

You can make your office space more visual and create an impression of a much bigger space through these simple and easy to implement creative ideas.

Get Organized

There is always room for improvements when it comes to being organised. This is especially important when you have open shelves or floating shelves in your office. Ensure that all items are displayed in a neat and organized manner and get rid of all clutter or unnecessary items from the office.

If there are older inventory files, or invoice and receipt files that you have to keep but are running out of extra space for storage, look into a nearby self storage in Singapore to free up some space in the office.

Let There be Light

Light has amazing effects on our moods and productivity, so make use of it whether it’s natural or artificial. The sheer lack of sunlight or being in a dim-lit office space can be depressing and discouraging. The best kind of light is natural sunlight with plenty of sunshine spilling through the windows to uplift your mood. But fixing the right lighting in the office can also be the key to creating a pleasant working surrounding. With enough daylight intake and a well-lit office environment, your efficiency in your work can improve. A well-designed illumination can also positively affect your productivity and add a bolder and brighter vibe in the office.

Place Mirrors on the Walls

A good mirror can function in the same way that windows do, to create the illusion of making current spaces look bigger and more open. Generally speaking, the larger the mirror, you are able to create bigger visual space in your office.

You can double the effectiveness of a window by placing a mirror on the wall. If your office has small windows or doesn’t let in enough light, create a more visual effect by mounting a few mirrors on the walls. It can transform the visual space of your office even if the square footage is small. And just like windows, a wall-mounted mirror will make a room look larger, more open and stylish.

Use Self Storage

Many self storages in Singapore offer various sizes of storage spaces and units, depending on how much you are storing and whether you need to accommodate for more storage in the future. If you are running out of space to do your work efficiently, it may be time for a new chance of scenery. Try to declutter and identify any excess or occasionally used furniture you can store away temporarily. This also includes archived documents, extra merchandise or products, and other office belongings you may wish to keep in the meantime.

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If you are also looking for cheap office space for startups in Singapore, Work+Store offers workspaces starting from 88 sqft onwards which combines storage and working space in one unit. This helps tenants to cut down on unnecessary costs like transportation and extra storage, as well as enable easier stock-taking and goods management for your customers. Both storage units and workspaces are monitored via CCTV surveillance and equipped with 24-hour keycard access. Our Work+Store workspaces are available in 7 locations around Singapore: Bukit Merah, Kallang, Eunos, Upper Thomson, Ang Mo Kio, Bartley and Tampines.

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