4 Important Things To Consider When Starting A Business

Storage Space, Self Storage Singapore

An important aspect of commencing your business is setting up your workspace to carry out the different tasks and activities. However, you will need to think through carefully when it comes to selecting a suitable workspace that fits your employees’ requirement.

For example, if insufficient storage is a potential issue due to the uncertainty of client files or work furniture in the future – an alternative workspace like a self-storage may help. Still, the most crucial considerations of them will be your budget.

Before you even decide on the size of your space, design, work furniture, or any other factor when setting up your business – you will need sufficient funds. So, read on to discover some basic yet useful tips for setting up your workspace efficiently.


Storage Space, Self Storage Singapore

One such factor to take note when it comes to selecting your workspace is its location. It should be easy to reach for the convenience of your employees, partners, and clients. There should be public commute nearby or accessible road routes for those coming down via personal transport. Other things to keep in mind include facilities and nearby amenities.

We are able to provide businesses with the cheapest self-storages and workspaces – with storage units starting at 6 sqft ranging up to 730 sqft, whereas workspaces begin from 88 sqft onwards. Work+Store has workspaces in 10 locations of Singapore – namely Upper Thomson, Aljunied, Bukit Merah, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Kallang, Ang Mo Kio, Bartley, Tampines and Pasir Panjang. However, if you’re interested in saving more as a startup business – our Aljunied location is having a rent-free promotion to help you save more on expenses. Our Aljunied building is accessible via PIE route so your staff, customers, or partners can make their way down easily. Do get in touch with us for additional information. Terms and conditions apply.


Storage Space, Self Storage Singapore

As you’re getting started on setting up your workspace – you should make sure to begin with budget planning. You can prepare a spreadsheet containing detailed expenses. It will include the cost of your furniture, equipment, work accessories, designing and decoration, and other set-up expenses. That way, you can get an insight into the total expenses you will encounter. Based on your budget, you can make certain adjustments to save some capital.

That said, it’s important to choose a workspace which already comes with the necessary facilities, so there makes no need for additional expenses. At Work+Store, our spaces are well-equipped with air conditioning, a powerpoint, and lighting. Additionally, our spaces can be utilised as an ancillary office where you can do multiple activities in one place – such as marketing, warehousing, and manufacturing tasks. When it comes to our lease terms, our workspaces and self storages are also flexible enough to let you upgrade or downsize whenever you wish to. It’s a much better option than finding a completely new space which is time-consuming and money-wasting. Other than offering short term lease, we also have contract transfers to numerous products and services which comprises a wide array – serviced apartments and work, vending machine spots, and event locations.


Storage Space, Self Storage Singapore

Your selection of furniture will always be an essential part of your workspace. Apart from the standard picks of tables and chairs – you also need to invest in unique furniture pieces for clients and employees.

One way you can save from the very beginning is by renting high-quality furniture. You can choose to browse physical or online stores and pick the ones that fit your workspace requirements and space, place an order, and get the furniture delivered right at your workspace address.


Storage Space, Self Storage Singapore

The workspace design you decide to go with has a major impact on your firm’s productivity. Even a simple choice of paint colours can boost an employee’s motivation. Make sure that you design your workspace in such a way that your employees get sufficient open space and enough room to execute their tasks splendidly.

For you to manage the decoration process smoothly – you should be able to have access to your unit at all times. We provide the cheapest self storages and workspaces with accessibility and surveillance all day long, so you can come down to the workplace and adorn your space with additional decorations or furniture. When you have storage spaces and workspaces coming together – it forms an innovative solution which makes logistics processes easier to manage and elevates goods procurement efficiency to improve the customer experience significantly.

Starting a business from scratch is by no means a simple task. However, when you begin with the right tips such as the suggested tips mentioned – you are off to a good start.

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