4 Reasons Why Your Workspace Location Matters

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Location matters so much that it can be the factor which determines the success of your company. With that being said, it is imperative for businesses to pay special attention to the location of their workspace.

Your office is going to be much more than just physical space for employees. Read on to find out why your choice of location in a workspace is extremely important for businesses.

Brand visibility

Storage Space, Self Storage Singapore

There’s much more to brand visibility than ranking on top of the search engines. The physical location of your workspace brings traffic to your company and makes your brand more visible among your target audience. You should set up your workspace where it is easy to locate. With an excellent location – it’ll attract higher footfall and increase brand awareness.

Certain workspaces don’t just come with a good location – some even offer flexible and enticing lease terms that’ll benefit your business in the long run. We offer the cheapest self storages and workspaces, varying from 6 sqft to 730 sqft and 88 sqft onwards, for storage rental and workspaces, respectively. Our lease terms come with short term lease and the choice of contract transfer to other kinds of services and products – namely event locations, industrial and commercial units, vending machine spots, and so forth.

Employee welfare

Storage Space, Self Storage Singapore

Businesses should prioritise your employee’s interest as they are the ones who will determine the success of your business. That said, location is one of the five essential factors that every job seeker considers before joining a workplace. Employees prefer a location that can be accessed by both private and public transport.

Employee welfare also includes ensuring their safety at all times. Our workspaces are under round-the-clock CCTV surveillance as well as accessibility. That way, their safety is assured. The flexible working hours will also boost employee productivity greatly. However, there are still other benefits to our workspaces. While the primary purpose of our self storages is to give additional storage space – our workspaces can also operate as ancillary offices so you can manage more than one core activity in one place – such as manufacturing and sales.

Customer convenience

Storage Space, Self Storage Singapore

When selecting the location for your workspace – keep in mind your customer’s needs first. Is the location easy to access? Can your customers find your business? Is it convenient for them to drive up to your workspace? All these will help determine if the chosen location is within a reachable distance for your customers.

At Work+Store, we have 10 locations available across Singapore comprising Kallang, Upper Thomson, Pasir Panjang, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Aljunied, Bartley, Bukit Merah, Tampines and Ang Mo Kio. If you’re looking to try out a self-storage for the first time – our Aljunied location is having a rent-free promotion, so your business gets more savings. Reach out to our staff for more information. Terms and conditions apply.


Storage Space, Self Storage Singapore

Some employees may prefer to travel using their own personal transport – be it a motorcycle or car. While the best-case scenario is to have parking space available right in your workspace building itself – having parking space in the nearby areas is just as ideal. Afterwards, you should check the fees incurred for getting a parking lot, and ensure they’re not priced too high.

Aside from parking space, having the right facilities in your workspace is just as important. We offer the cheapest self-storages and workspaces for you to select from, so you can decide on the ideal space for your business. Our workspaces include basic facilities like a powerpoint, air conditioning, and lighting to help your business get started. As you put together work and storage space, you are essentially easing the operations when it comes to logistics processing and goods procurement. In turn, it reduces the workload on your employees and boosts customer service.

When you choose the right location for your workspace, it helps your business in lots of ways – such as your employee’s well-being or brand awareness. Ensure you make your selection carefully as it can impact your business.

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