4 Tips To Know Before Signing Your Event Space Rental

Event Hall Rental Singapore, Event Space Rental Singapore

No matter the occasion you are planning for, any event requires careful planning, focus on the right priorities and attention to detail. One of the first things that comes to mind is finding the best venue for your event. Having the right venue is crucial because it sets the tone for the rest of the event. It has a persuasive effect on the lasting impression that guests walk away with.

If you need venue ideas, self storages in Singapore also offer event hall rentals or event space rentals suitable to host all sorts of events and activities. As the date approaches, here are some tips of what you should consider before you seal the deal.

Financial Details

Event Hall Rental Singapore, Event Space Rental Singapore

Budgeting is important when planning so you know where your money should go to, and sticking to the budget is even more important. If you are looking for a cheap event space rental, there are the cheapest self storages in Singapore that can cater to any budget.

When signing up for a package, ensure you know exactly what the costs cover, between what is complimentary by the venue provider and what has to be paid for. Go over the event space rental agreement, so you will know details like how much deposit is required, is there any refunds and what is the cancellation policy.

Capacity and Layout

Event Hall Rental Singapore, Event Space Rental Singapore

Once the invitations are sent and RSVPs are received, you will get a better picture of the expected turnout for the event. Plan out the table and seating arrangement before assigning seats for each guest or whether it is open seating. Ensure everyone will get a good view of the stage or main area of the activity, so they can have a good time. You should also find out on the capacity limit of the event space, so you can adequately fit your guests.


Event Hall Rental Singapore, Event Space Rental Singapore

Ensure the chosen venue has an abundance of essential facilities for the convenience and comfort of your guests and attendees. Having amenities in the building or premises such as bathrooms or parking facilities will go a long way in giving guests a pleasant time at your event. If you are renting from a self-storage in Singapore, they typically offer a suite of facilities for you to fully utilize the event space. It is also good to know the hours the venue is available for deliveries and setup on the day of the event. You will benefit from the convenience and resourcefulness in planning your event, so you will have everything at your disposal to ensure the day will run smoothly.

Any Restrictions

Event Hall Rental Singapore, Event Space Rental Singapore

Certain event spaces may have rules and restrictions on certain activities that you might have to adhere to, such as time the event has to end at or the choice of food catering. Especially with dietary restrictions, you want to be inclusive in what your event offers so everyone can enjoy themselves.  If food and drinks are provided by the venue, check whether it is appropriate for certain dietary restrictions.

Planning is a big task in creating a special, memorable event. Take the time to go through these details before signing on the dotted line and be a step closer to throwing a successful event.

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