4 Tips to Know When Renting Your First Working Space

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As your business grows, there are several important milestones that you will pass. One of the most important ones is moving your business from your home to your first working space. Self storages in Singapore offer a great solution if you are looking for budget business spaces or working spaces for lease.

Before you finalize on your decision and plunge in, take some time to consider your options for small business spaces for rent. Here are five tips to know when renting your first working space.

Know the Accessibility of the Location

Some locations may offer an affordable business space, but if it doesn’t provide the accessibility that you require, you might need to revise your choice. Having ease of access to your working space is an important consideration, which include factors such as surrounding amenities and travelling distance. When choosing your workspace rental in Singapore, pick a location that is convenient and accessibly for clients and business partners to come by. This can also help to increase your business opportunities.

Know the Budget for the Business Space

For your business to remain profitable, you must have a clear indication of what this new overhead will cost you. That means you must know how much you’ll part with every month on rent, internet costs, furniture, security, phone and other costs. Ensure you have all these details about your new premises ironed out with the landlord.

If you can’t quite figure out what you should consider in your costs or the lease agreement is obscure, you may want to hire an experienced leasing agent to help you.

Know How Much Working Space You’ll Need in Advance

When looking for an affordable business space from the cheapest self storage in Singapore, make sure you have determined how much space your business needs currently and for future growth. Make sure that your choice fits well with the needs of your clients, can comfortably suit your office equipment and furnishings, and accommodate your team. Underestimating or overestimating the space required might cost you and will not adequately fulfil your business needs.

Know About the Amenities Surrounding the new Location

The amenities surrounding your new business space can have an impact on your clients, operations or staff. Check out the food options that are nearby such as coffee shops, hawker centres and eateries that will offer a wide variety to choose from. Other amenities include retail and health and wellness such as gyms to enhance the lives of people who work around the area. Transportation is also another factor to consider as the location should be commuter friendly with accessibility to public transportation or parking facilities.

Renting your first working space is a great milestone for your business. Use the time to assess your current business needs and future growth plans which can help you save resources. Go through the factors mentioned above before deciding on your workspace space rental in a self-storage in Singapore.

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