4 Types of Businesses to Run from a Storage Facility

Self Storage Singapore

It is always thought of that you would need to run a business from a more traditional location, such as an office. However, that’s not always practical especially for start-ups and new entrepreneurs. Taking out and paying for a lease adds so much to your overhead expense that it would be a costly long-term commitment for your growing business. If you are looking for a cheap office space for rent, why not consider a unit in a small warehouse or self storage in Singapore?

Self-storage units can be an inexpensive alternative for you to run your business from and at the same time, provide you with all the extra space for storage that your business will need. Here are examples of types of businesses that you can run from a storage facility:

1.    Online Clothing Store

Have an office and storage space for your online clothing store by renting a unit in a self-storage in Singapore. You are able to store your inventory and merchandise, while setting up a desk to run your business operations daily. With storage and working space in one unit, you can save time and costs as you improve your order fulfillment duties efficiently for your customers. You can also provide a self collection option for customers to drop by your unit and pick up their purchases easily. Depending on the size allowance of your unit, you have the opportunity to set up a display area for your apparel for customers to browse and have a feel of your merchandise. This can encourage their purchasing desire and enhance their shopping experience.

2.    Video Production

It may not be the first thing to pop in your mind, but storage units can be converted into a studio. Many units offer plenty of space for you to edit and work on your videos. All you need is a desk for a laptop or computer to do some editing of the final product.

3.    Photo Studio

When you rent a unit from any cheapest self-storage in Singapore, you can also create your own makeshift studio with just a little bit of creativity. Besides placing a desk and computer to edit the photos, you can bring in your camera and backdrops, studio lights and other equipment to take the perfect shot. Self storage units also provide plenty of extra space for storage for other miscellaneous props you may need from time to time.

4.    Handmade Business

If your business involves designing handmade merchandises and allows you to exercise your creativity, renting a self storage unit is an ideal solution to keep your products, store your supplies and provide ample space for you to do your work. Handmade businesses like scented candle maker, knitting, and beaded jewelry allows you to monetize your hobby and generate income from your craft.

Self-storage units are not just for businesses who need extra storage. They can also suitable for startups, entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses that need a working space to conduct their daily business operations. If you are looking for cheap office space for lease, consider the cheapest self storage in Singapore that provides great flexibility to run different types of businesses efficiently.

Work+Store is a storage facility in Singapore that provides an innovative work and storage solution with all-inclusive rental rates and flexible lease terms as a cost-effective option for your business needs. These work spaces come from 88 sqft onwards for you to choose between a small or larger unit. Your goods will be stored in the same unit so you can work efficiently, which is an added advantage especially for businesses that need to fulfil orders. This means cutting down unnecessary transportation costs and logistical inefficiencies for better goods procurement. Basic facilities including aircon, lights and a power point are available in the unit, with 24-hour keycard access and CCTV surveillance to keep your unit safe all day and night. Work+Store work spaces are located around Singapore including Tampines, Upper Thomson, Bartley, Eunos, Kallang Ang Mo Kio and Bukit Merah to offer you great options in accommodating your needs.

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