4 Ways To Help Small Businesses During COVID-19

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It comes as no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic will eventually negatively impact businesses all over Singapore, especially small startups. Ever since the ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures kicked in, many businesses, especially small organisations, have temporarily halted operations and are taking a hit from the crisis.

As such, everyone must do what they can to help one another amidst this pandemic and get through this together. Skipping our usual self storage and workspace articles, this time, we instead present five ways we can lend a helping hand to small businesses as the crisis still continues.

Shop online

Even with the ongoing pandemic, we can still show our support without having to physically turn up at a store. Most businesses may resort to online platforms, be it social media or websites, to promote their products instead and earn revenue. Keep a lookout for various platforms like Carousell, Shopee or any of their own websites!

Meanwhile, you may even notice that the usual ultra-popular entertainment businesses are struggling as well. One such organisation is the classic, indie cinema, The Projector. Currently, they are offering pre-paid movie vouchers (10 tickets at $105 with 18 months validity), membership deals (from $45 to $60 with extended validity from 12 to 18 months), and many other great offers. So, load up your virtual cart, show your support, and keep yourself entertained during this period or in the near future.

Purchase gift cards

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Self Storage Singapore

While participating in any activities or events right now may be near impossible, know that this crisis will pass. In other words, you can still have your enjoyment – only later. Get hold of gift cards for future use – be it from your favourite nail salon, bakery, or retail store. Meanwhile, you can also purchase class passes from fitness studios you’ve always visited – it’ll help them to tide over this difficult period.

Right now, there’s a gift card initiative going around Singapore, ChopAndSave, which strives to aid small businesses in our little red dot minimise losses. Discover all kinds of local picks, from ice-cream parlours such as Creamier, bookstores like Books Actually, and many other options!

Browse through local discount platforms

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Self Storage Singapore

Unfortunately, countless businesses – from bars, restaurants, to various other local businesses – are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Stores and businesses end up closing down temporarily and will have to turn to other alternatives to survive. And we know how powerful the World Wide Web can be.

Now, there’s an “offer platform” called iSaveSG. It’s free of charge for both customers and merchants using the platform. An abundance of discount coupons can be found, and all customers have to do is add them into their shopping cart, and merchants will be earning the profits directly and entirely!

Go for food deliveries

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Self Storage Singapore

While dining in for a meal may not be permitted for now; it doesn’t mean you don’t get access to delicious food, at all. Opt for takeaways or food deliveries instead! These will be thriving during this period, and you may even score some sort of delivery promotion that’ll save you a couple of extra bucks.

All you need to do is head down to their individual websites and social media to see what’s in store for you. Also, instead of ordering through third-party services – purchase your food directly through them! Throw in a tip while you can as they’re putting themselves out there – they’ll appreciate it greatly.

Everyone’s lives will inevitably be disrupted during this regrettable crisis. However, if each of us makes an effort to lend a helping hand – all businesses can tough it out together and get through this crisis. Meanwhile, though the ‘Circuit Breaker’ initiative which started on 7th April to combat the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, we will not be locking down our premises. Existing tenants are still allowed to access our self storages or workspaces, but are highly advised to follow the government circuit breaker guidelines closely. In doing so, we are all able to play a part in tackling the crisis. So, do what you can, keep yourself healthy, and stay safe.

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