4 Workspace Design Tips For Enhancing Productivity

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Employees play a crucial role in boosting your firm’s productivity and helping companies achieve their ultimate objectives. That said, it’s important to keep your employees’ well-being in mind.

The workspace your employees work in affects their performance. The tidier your workspace – the better your employees perform.

Workspace design trends keep on changing from time to time. But, one thing that remains the same is consistency. Your workspace should not deflect people from your brand. In fact, it should look relevant to your services and brand. In this post, we’ll walk you through some intriguing workspace design tips that you should follow – let’s show you what they are.

Flexible design

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Today’s office design trend is all about flexibility. Not only does it help improve employee’s performance – but flexible spaces may help enhance the appearance of your workspace. Add a range of seating options so employees are able to move around and office from wherever which is more comfortable for them – such as the breakroom.

Speaking of flexibility – it doesn’t just apply to workspace design; but the same goes to your lease terms. We have the cheapest self storages and workspaces – with the range of sizes starting from 6 sqft to 730 sqft for storage units and 88 sqft onwards for workspaces. Our self storages and workspaces both come with attractive lease terms that are flexible enough to accommodate your everchanging business needs. Lease terms will only require a short period and are extendable according to your preference. We also offer contract transfer to several other services and products within Work+Store or our parent company, LHN Group, consisting of serviced office and apartments, pop-up store location rental, vending machine spots, and so forth.

Activity-focused designs

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When it comes to work efficiency and productivity – privacy plays an important role. For certain tasks – employees will require privacy to focus on work. To offer privacy while maintaining a collaborative environment – many businesses have started focusing on blended and activity-based workplaces.

Some workspaces design their breakroom to feel like one’s favourite coffee shop – like Starbucks or a local cafe. Most people enjoy its ambience, design and cosiness. That said, it’s crucial to take a close look at such space designs and layouts and incorporate them into your own workspace.

Focus on wellbeing and convenience

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To ensure that employees get to work in a safe and healthy environment, businesses are focusing more on adding design elements that encourage employees to perform their best. From natural lights up to comfortable furniture settings – all these are essential for employees’ wellbeing. For instance, chairs should allow enough room for your employees to stretch their arms and legs.

Further convenience in your workspace can also be achieved when your workspace is able to function as an ancillary office as well. An ancillary office allows your business to conduct several activities in one place – such as warehousing and sales. Our workspaces are available in 10 locations within Singapore – consisting of Ang Mo Kio, Upper Thomson, Bukit Merah, Kallang, Bartley, Tampines, Pasir Panjang, Aljunied, 72 Eunos and 100 Eunos. If you still require a space for your business – browse our workspaces at Aljunied as it’s having a promotion where rent is free for up to 2 months. Our premises are also closeby to a UOB and POSB ATM so employees can make their way down to fulfil their financial needs. Contact our staff should you have any questions which require addressing. Terms and conditions apply.

Choice and arrangement of furniture

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Understanding what kind of furniture you need isn’t enough – you’ll need to make the right selection design-wise as well. Try to go with a theme such as Scandivanian or Industrial or settle on a couple of fixed colours. Afterwards, the layout comes in and you’ll need to do it properly so the end-result of your workspace appearance turns out splendid. A well-designed workspace will have a huge impact on workplace productivity.

When it comes to furnishings – the same applies to facilities as well. At Work+Store, we offer the cheapest self-storages and workspaces so your choice of space fits right into your budget. Our workspaces are well-equipped with standard facilities including lighting, a powerpoint, and air conditioning. When you bring a self-storage and workspace together – logistics processes become easier to handle and an improvement in goods procurement efficiency is seen. In turn, this will result in better customer service.

There are many ways you can design your workspace to increase productivity, and these are just a few you can start with. Productivity plays a major role in employee satisfaction and your business goals, so design in the right manner and let your business thrive.

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