5 Apps for Productivity and Organisation

Get yourself organised with a little help from technology!

Smartphones and electronic devices may have been designed for communication and work, but hands up if you feel like they’ve become more of a distraction.

Fret not — it is still possible to be productive and focused while on your phone. We’ve put together a list of productivity and organisation apps so next time you’re feeling restless or out of the loop at work, there’s no excuse for playing games or scrolling through Buzzfeed.


Say youre someone who writes for a living, or is constantly inspired by things around you. Or you’re someone who simply needs a journal with them at all times… Youd love Evernote, an application which lets you capture a note or memo in any format a photo, an online article, an audio file and makes it accessible and available for edit on your mobile or desktop.

With Evernote, you can store all your files in one place and come back to exactly where you left off. Plus, you can share them with your colleagues or friends. Whether its a holiday itinerary, business report, or a pictures of you sun-bathing on holiday, you can edit and view them all on the screen-friendly and easy-to-navigate Evernote interface.


Do you find yourself exceeding your monthly budgets, struggling to organise your bills, or losing track of your spending? Check out Seedly, a mobile application that aims to help you keep track of your finances.

The Singapore-founded application is simple and easy to use all you need to do is to upload your bank or credit card statements and provide an email address. Seedly will then produce a clear infographic of your financial activity after analysing your transactions (which takes about three days).

Most importantly, Seedly values privacy and security, therefore explaining why users need not register to use the app. With Seedly, youll get a clearer look at your monthly expenses and receive saving tips, which will help you better manage your finances and know whether youve been sticking to your saving plans.


With the rise of social media, information has only become more accessible. However, as much wed love to quickly digest all the cool or important things were seeing online, its just not possible where would we find so much time? What is possible though, is saving the content in one place then coming back to it when you have the time and energy.

Pocket allows you to do just that it lets you bookmark any online article or video of your interest and store it in an archive thats available online, offline, and across various platforms. Now you dont have to worry about losing an article link or reading something thats outdated. All you have to do is to is hit the Pocket button on your device when you see something you like.


We’ve all been there: staring at the same report for minutes, then switching tabs and ending up on Facebook or Twitter to see what the rest of the worlds talking about. Its ok to take a break from work and surf the Internet, but we often do that more than we realise and sometimes, these distractions drag on longer than they should.

Heres some good news you can block access to any of your favourite websites and set a time restriction on it with SelfControl, a free application available for Mac. If you were thinking of cheating the system, heres the catch: the application does not play games. You wouldnt be able to reach those websites after putting them on the blacklist, not after restarting your computer or deleting the app!


Sometimes, its hard to keep track of your progress or update yourself on what the rest of your team is working on you can only email back and forth so much before the thread is lost somewhere in your inbox again. Thats not the case with Asana, a project and task management application which promotes team communication and collaboration.

On Asana, youll get to create projects and tasks within the projects, which will then help you follow the progress of those tasks from various browser and devices. Youll be able to add your team members to the app as well, who will then be able to comment on it and share a file.

Are you always stuck in a motivational rut? Asana has a likefeature which allows users to let each other know they like the change, cultivating mutual encouragement. Theres also the productivity tracker, where users get to create, categorise, and schedule projects, prioritise daily tasks, and track them to completion. When youre done, youll even receive detailed progress reports which will help you understand your working habits better.


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