5 Creative Ways To Throw A Great Corporate Party Event

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Delivering a memorable and successful corporate party is always daunting. You’d want people to get excited for it and be in attendance, but also ensure that you have met the objective of the party.

Corporate parties provide several benefits: socialising with business parties or potential clients in person develops a strong bond, a hosted event generates buzz that gives the company or brand another reason to be talked about in social media or within the industry, and giving “exclusive and insider” status to invited audience can influence them to be more emotionally invested in your announcement or news.

Here are five ways how you can facilitate the different elements of a corporate event and throw a great one.

Set the Event Criteria and Theme

Cheap Event Space Rental, Cheapest Self Storage Singapore

Decide the purpose of your event that is aligned with your company’s objective, such as product launch or networking with potential investors. This will help you determine the appropriate theme for it and who will be invited. The right event space rental and venue will provide the flexibility you need for your event. You can easily set up your own décor and furniture according to your theme.

Find a Great Venue

Cheap Event Space Rental, Cheapest Self Storage Singapore

Get your guests excited enough to bring themselves over to your event venue after a long day in the office. It is also a good idea to take your corporate event out of the office and find a unique venue to organise your event at, such as an event space rental in a self-storage in Singapore.

People might feel more energized to let loose, network and have fun in a different space as compared to where they report to work daily. Event space rentals and event hall rentals in Singapore are an excellent choice and will take away the familiar office cubicle or work station environment, but also support the needs of your event sufficiently. Getting the right venue is essential to a successful event.

Event Budget and ROI

Cheap Event Space Rental, Cheapest Self Storage Singapore

Besides creating a budget, you also need to ensure that your expenditure adds value in some way for your event. Decide how you can demonstrate the return from your company’s investment so you can adhere and respect the budget accordingly. Perhaps the striking sculpture that is placed in the centre of the event space can act as a central meeting point for people to connect and do business.

Track your budget and add the predictions on your spending. You can also find cheap event space rentals from the cheapest self-storages in Singapore so you will have more budget for other elements in your event.

Change Up the Lighting

Cheap Event Space Rental, Cheapest Self Storage Singapore

Consider the facilities available in the venue such as lighting and air conditioning. Most event space rentals such as in self storages in Singapore would offer that. You’d want people to feel physically comfortable at the event and also make their event experience. Aside from ceiling lights to lit the whole place up, you can also engage in lighting vendors to create the ambience you need at your event. Proper lighting is important to give depth and tie together other conditions of the event, as well as grab or direct your guests’ attention.

Let People Have Fun Together

Cheap Event Space Rental, Cheapest Self Storage Singapore

A common objective of corporate events is networking. Some people can feel more reserved during corporate parties, so make the event more fun by planning activities that get people together and have them interact with one another. Whether it’s an event photo booth or a simple icebreaker activity, it will be a good bonding experience.

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