5 Desk Essentials to Have for a Productive Workspace

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The environment you create for a workplace is very important in encouraging productivity. You should equip your desk well so as to promote focused and effective work. A Productive workspace is one that does not only lift up your mood and allow comfort but is also prepared with essential tools to make your job easier.

It is important to do away with major distractions such as clutter which can be stored in a self storage in Singapore. Whether you are in a shared office space startup or have a small office for rent, it can be helpful to have a workspace design that will increase your productivity. Below are some desk essentials to help get you started.

Keyboard and laptop stands

When using a laptop, ergonomic stands come in handy as you are able to lower or raise your laptop or keyboard to the preferred height. Raising your laptop above your desk keeps it cooler and functioning better. These stands assume different designs allowing you to use one while sitting or standing. Some stands come with other advanced features such as more USB ports, cable organizers and Smartphone holders. You can also get to achieve a comfortable sitting posture with the laptop positioned at the right height.

Personal Items

When you personalise your workspace, it can help to increase your emotional connection to your work. However, this also means limiting clutter in order to keep your workspace organised and neat. Strike the right balance by introducing personal items that are only useful or meaningful, and able to inspire you throughout the day. This can be a desk plant, photo frame or figurine to tailor your space and appeal to your visual side. Take note to de-clutter from time to time to avoid piling too many unnecessary belongings, which you can consider renting the cheapest self-storage in Singapore for temporary storage. Having a personal workspace that is efficient can help in your mental well-being and productivity.


Your senses can contribute to how you feel at the moment, and this includes the sense of smell that can have an impact on your mindset, mood and therefore, productivity. Consider placing scents in your workspace to stay focused especially during times you start to notice yourself losing concentration or drifting off. Some examples of scents are lavender to help you relax, pine to increase alertness and peppermint to lift your mood. If you are in a shared office space, you will need to keep the scents subtle and mindful of others working around you. Store the essential oils in your drawer or bag, and put a few drops on a handkerchief when you’re in need of a boost.


Having office plants is a nice way of improving the look of your working space. Plants also clear the air, improving the overall air quality to keep you focused. Opt for a low maintenance plant that can still help you reduce everyday stressed and promote a relaxing ambience.

Have a standing desk

Sitting for long hours can be very tiring and expose one to numerous health risks. This is why it is important to have a standing desk. You can be able to alternate between sitting and standing all through your working period. This helps you to focus and avoid back strains and muscle aches.

These desk essentials should help you to maintain a level of well-being and happiness while getting the job done in the most efficient manner. You can also consider anti-stress balls or Rubik’s cube to temporarily calm your mind, take a break, and return to being focused on the task at hand. A productive workspace also includes a clutter-free space without too many knick-knacks, thus having them stored away in a self-storage in Singapore would be a good solution. Strive the best balance and you will enjoy a good, working environment.

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