5 Household Items to Store Away & Make Your Home Feel Bigger

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At home, it is important to know how to work with the spaces you already have to avoid having a crammed living space and one that is filled with clutter. The first step is to get rid of stuff you are not using often. Regularly decluttering is vital to help in maximizing storage space.

There is a wide range of household items you can store away and make your home feel bigger. If you don’t have the extra space for storage at home, consider renting a storage unit in a small warehouse in Singapore. Here are some of the common items at home you can put away.

Luggage Carriers

Whether you are using travel luggage and suitcases infrequently or on a regular basis, they take up a lot of valuable space for storage. You will also need to store them properly to maintain its condition. And the bigger your family is, the more likely you will need more than one luggage and in various sizes.

Take your suitcases and travel bags to a self-storage in Singapore and free up the space in your home. Work+Store is a storage facility that offers storage spaces and units in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 730 sqft, managed by flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates for facilities like air conditioning and lights. The storage units are monitored by CCTV surveillance to provide a peace of mind for your belongings, as well as 24-hour keycard access so you can enjoy great accessibility to your stored items.

Equipment for Sports and Other Hobbies

For the sports enthusiasts, you probably have some sports equipment at home. This also applies to hobby supplies and tools like sewing machines, record players and crafting materials. Sports equipment like golf clubs, skis and snowboards or musical instruments such as guitars require the extra space for storage and be kept safely to avoid accidents at home. What’s even better is that you can also rent a bigger storage room as a practising area or a quiet place to nurture your hobby.

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items like Christmas household decorations and Halloween costumes can occupy more space than necessary, especially if they are only used once a year. These also include special dinnerware and serving trays that are only brought out of storage for hosting seasonal dinners. Look into the cheapest self storage in Singapore and you can store these items conveniently without breaking the bank.


When your closet is almost full and making room for new clothes is difficult, renting a self storage in Singapore is a good solution to store the clothes you occasionally use. From out-of-season clothing, to hand-me-down’s and even maternity clothes, you can store them in a storage unit temporarily before you figure out your next step – to sell, donate, give away or discard.

Tools and Hardware

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From hand tools and power tools to hardware items and supplies, they are handy uses for around the household to maintain upkeep and condition of your abode. However, they can also pose a hazard risk as they can cause serious injury if they are mishandled by an inexperienced person at home or even children. Keep these tools away from reach when you store them in a storage unit in a small warehouse in Singapore, and you can also retrieve them easily whenever you need to.

Work+Store also provides mini self storage units, which can fit 1 or 2 large luggage, for smaller personal belongings such as your toolbox. The locker units come in 2 sizes: 1m x 0.6m for $39/month and 1m x 1m for $59/month, making it a cost-friendly storage solution as one of the cheapest self storage in Singapore. If you don’t wish to lug around heavy boxes to the facility, Work+Store valet storage service provides transportation with storage to pick up your items and store them. Rates are from $6 per box with free pick-up and $20 per return delivery trip. Simply call +65 8722 8000, ‘You Pack, We Pick Up’.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!